Giving Back

December 19, 2009 Uncategorized 7

It’s been a while since I gave some attention to the good deeds my children to………so today is one I am proud of.

Caitie and Adrienne are out this morning shopping with a child. Our local police department has a “shop with a cop” program. We don’t have enough officers to shop with all the kids, so volunteers from the community help too. Basically they are one on one with a child, the child has been given money to shop for family Christmas gifts or a gift for themselves. Caitie helped last year and she said her little boy had a list of what he wanted to buy for his family. He went a couple of dollars over, and she covered it for him.

Giving back in our communities is so important all year, and yet somehow we think of Christmas in a very special way, a time when it seems especially sad that a child may receive so little, when many of us have so much.

We give to children in other ways too………….but I am especially proud of my girls, for taking their time, up and out before 6:30 on their first day of winter break, to go out and give to someone else.

Oh, and I just want to share a puppy picture, because she is so darn cute!!

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  1. mama-face

    I love that you share the picture of your cute puppy after talking about your sweet children. Obviously they learned to love by your example. 🙂

  2. Pam

    Kudos to your girls. I bet they feel really good about how they spent their first day of vacation. And that puppy is just the cutest thing.

  3. My name is PJ.

    First, I must tell you I’m thrilled to have you back posting regularly! I’ve missed your voice terribly!

    Your girls were raised by some great parents…and the teaching they got actually took! Take a bow, Anita!
    I admire the idea of the program.

    And….if you wake up one morning and there is a ransom note for that puppy…well, ahem, I’m not responsible……just gotta put that out there now…

  4. Sandy

    Good for your kids that they are getting into the community spirit. Bella is so cute, the biggest thing on her are her ears!

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