A birthday, a movie review, and a lesson in aging parents

December 31, 2009 Uncategorized 9

After Christmas there is another holiday in my house……….my birthday is December 26.
This year, I am 50 years old………yikes!
I was hardly phased by 40……life seemed good, and yet so much has changed since then. Ten years ago I had 6 year old girls and a 2 year old son. I was working full time in banking and while busy thought we were living a good life………..things changed a lot after that……….my MIL becoming ill was just one thing that prompted big changes in our life. I felt I needed to leave work to care for her and so began my temporary life as a SAHM………ha ha, 9 years later and I’m still here and quite honestly I love it if it weren’t for the lousy pay!

So 50……..it sounds old, it sound mature, it sounds grandmotherly, in total, it doesn’t sound like me. I know all the lines, age is just a number, it’s not your age that matters but how you live, etc. I’m taking it as a personal challenge to defy the odds and become better and healthier and even try more happiness in this year of being 50. I mentioned how down I’d been feeling a few days ago, and I’m hoping that with my focus on me and my health, I can begin to feel better.

So to celebrate my half centennial birthday Kevin and I went to the movies and out to dinner. We saw ” It’s Complicated” and I loved it!! 5 ++ stars!!! We laughed so hard I know we missed lines in the movie, the theater was rolling with laughter. There were things I related to so much, on feeling older, trying to regain that sexy feel with the man I love etc. I have several friends that saw it and felt the same way, and one that really didn’t enjoy the movie, so if you go and see it, and you don’t enjoy it…….oops I’m sorry….ha ha!!

Between the movie and dinner I was reading on my iPhone emails and facebook updates. Both my neice and nephew had left status updates as to what bad day it had been. I was worried,so I texted my neice who told me that between it being the day her other grandfather had passed away 4 years ago,and Urban Meyer leaving UF(stupid) and my dad being taken to the hospital it was just a bad day…………WHAT my dad in the hospital………..what happened………OMG, and no one called me. Ooops she realized she messed up. Expect a post very soon about social network sites and what is and isn’t appropriate to write.

So my sister calls me, I am frantic and pissed I’ve been kept in the dark. Long story short, my dad fell in the shower, well out of the shower and hit his head on the tile and was bleeding profusely, and it knocked him out for @ 10 min. My mom, while frantic, did all the right things, pulled the emergency cord in their Ind. Living apartment for the staff, called 911, and called my sibs. This was @ 4-5 hours before I was learning about it. My sister was trying to not worry me until they had more answers and so she was going to call me when she could tell me more. Dad got @ 8 staples in his head, no broken bones, and for the most part he was ok. I was unkind to my sister, telling her that she should not have waited so long, my anger was over the top. When I calmed down I apologized, and she did too.

Unfortunately my dad has had an up and down week. He is 85 years old(in 3 weeks) and he’s been having TIA’s or mini-strokes. The Drs are looking for clots and causes and he’s in the right place. Mom is ok, though naturally worried about the man she has been with for 65 years.

I will try to update about dad as it changes……….I’m just praying and hoping I’m doing the right thing by staying in FL while he is in TX. It is very hard to be so far away, but I have a family here too, and you can’t just pick up and drive or fly 1000 miles all the time. I’m defending my decision I know, so forgive me.

So that is what has happened in the last 5 days to me. I’m a year older, and yet not much wiser.

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  1. Beth

    Anita keep you dad in your heart…it helps…he is in good hands and in reality you can be there if needed very quickly!

  2. My name is PJ.

    The reality is there would be nothing you could do by being present at this point. You remain part of what’s going on via phone and it’s just fine. Honest. If you can visit at some point when he’s feeling better, it will mean more because he’ll be able to enjoy his time with you.

    TIA’s are common, Anita. I’m not downplaying his health problems, just trying to put them in perspective. He’s 85 and falling is not uncommon either.

    With all that’s happened here concerning sick and dying parents, there were siblings who weren’t present because they couldn’t be and there wasn’t anything they could do to help. It was okay. Really.

    One more thing: Happy Belated Birthday!!! GEEZER, are you ever old!!!!! But holy crap – you don’t look a day over 75! What’s your secret? What kind of stool softener do you prefer?

    (I can write that stuff because I’m even older.)

  3. Sheri Hubbs

    Hi Anita!!! WOW… long time no talk! How in the heck are you? I am so sorry I haven’t been a good friend. I have been so incredibly busy with just “life”. Looks like you are doing great and I have enjoyed reading your blog! Hope you and your family enjoyed your holidays and I sure miss talking to you. Hope you are filled with many blessings in 2010! Lets keep in touch! I am back to updating my blog quite often now. take care~
    P.S. You have such a beautiful family!

  4. Terra

    Oh man, I was having so much fun reading about your birthday…I am so sorry about your dad. It is hard to have a parent sick or with problems. Know you are in my heart and if you need to “get it all out” you know where to find me!!!

  5. sheila

    Wait! You don’t get paid either? This is bullshit! lol.

    Okay, now seriously? I said a prayer for your dad. I hope he feels better soon! Have a wonderful 2010 (although I’m pretty sure I’ll be here when you post next, lol)

  6. Anita

    Belated birthday greetings to you! Thanks for telling me how you feel about birthdays on my post “birthday” post.
    I’m glad you have a good time with your husband to celebrate. Hope this year will be better and that being 50 will be “a good thing!”

  7. Miss Healthypants

    Oh, Anita–I SO feel your pain about your Dad–it’s sooo rough to see our parents grow older. My Dad is 82 years old, so not that far off from where your Dad is. I will say lots of extra prayers for YOUR Daddy-o. *smile* (And I can’t believe you were the last to know!–I would have been sooo upset!–so I don’t blame you for being grouchy with your sister!)

    Seriously, keep us posted. I do want to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday–I’m just sorry that you found out the news about your Dad right after your b-day. Still, you know that 50 is the new 30, right? *smiles*

  8. Sandy

    I so understand your concerns about aging parents. My mother at nearly 77 seems to be aging so quickly. She, too, lives independently in an assisted living complex where people are only a pull-cord away but things still happen. She has had many falls recently, too, and it’s a big worry. I’m all she has so I know the responsibility of having an aging parent all too well.

    So sorry to hear about the seriously of your father’s fall. I would be angry, too, if such information was withheld. I’m sure your family thought they were doing the right thing.

    I’m sure he’s in a good hospital getting good care and attention from those of your family that are close. You are in my thoughts.

  9. Kristen

    Well, first…happy belated birthday!!!

    I’m sorry to hear about your dad. I’ll definitely keep your family in my prayers.

    Don’t even get me started on what should and shouldn’t be posted on public networking sites!!! People are ridiculous!

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