Christmas review

December 31, 2009 Uncategorized 2

Forgive me for being busy with my family at home……….blogging and reading blogs has been on the back burner.

Christmas Eve and Day were wonderful at our house.
The cute little 12 days of Christmas tradition was a huge hit, the kids looked forward to each day and each little gift. 11th day was the traditional new PJ’s—aren’t they cute?

The kids received clothes and GC’s and cash and the big noise maker?? Rock Band 2 for wii, who knew we missed having our own garage band…LOL!

It was a good day, spent at home and very peaceful. Caitie’s boyfriend came over in the evening for a while, but for the most part we stayed in, ate and played and enjoyed each other.

I hope that if you celebrate Christmas that it was filled with love and peace.

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  1. Bonnie

    Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. I love the kids new pjs. We have the same tradition. Looks like your son got the same pjs as mine! I also love your new look and the Michael Buble!

  2. Kristen

    Looks like you had a lovely Christmas! We had a beautiful Christmas as well…except not so quiet…I had about 25 people over for dinner.

    I grew up receiving new pajamas on Christmas Eve, so that is a tradition that we have carried on with the boys!

    I love your new look!

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