Ahh The Peace

January 5, 2010 Uncategorized 9

Today all the kids went back to school, and while I do believe we had a nice break from school and time together, it was so time for the girls to return to school and for my house to be quiet and peaceful again. I’m so very spoiled to my time at home!

I wanted to share some upcoming blog ideas:

Look for a new book review in a week or two. Barbara Delinsky has a new novel out today, “Not My Daughter” From the publisher: It tells the story of three high school girls who make a pact to become pregnant — and the fallout when the small Maine town where they live turns on their mothers. What does it take to be a good mother? You’ll be thinking about this long after the book is done. Talk about your ripped from the headlines story, it should be good. I’ve got a readers copy on it’s way from the publisher, can’t wait to dig in!

In the last few weeks I’ve been irritated on more than one occasion on what people will post on social networking sites such as facebook and myspace and twitter. It seems that these sites have given people the idea that it’s appropriate to just post anything that pops into their head, deeply personal tragedies and dramas, and my favorite, the cry for attention………such as………”oh its’ just all over”, or “oh my life is awful…….”, you know the ones………..one liners and no explanations. I can’t wait to write more on this!

Continuing my thoughts on revising myself I’d like to share some other words I’ve heard from friends, none to be called out and named, but just what remarkable people I know and how they have found time to choose a word for 2010 for themselves.

I’ve become weary lately of complainers……….they seem to be everywhere in my life as of late, and I know it sounds semi heartless, but I’m just tired of it. Put on your big girl panties and get er done!!

I’m having a chilly but lovely day……….time for more coffee and reading the blogs I love. The bills are paid and the grocery store calls my name later on, not my favorite, but I’m trying not to complain..ha ha!

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  1. Janel@Dandelion Dayz

    I have to admit that I’ve been a huge complainer lately. I really need to remember not to complain. I honestly do not even have anything to complain about. Thanks for the reminder how it sounds to other people. putting on my big girl panties now…

  2. Together We Save

    Thanks for the reminder not to complain!! I need to remember this one.

    Love the book review. I have got to get back to reading…. I just love reading blogs so much… I spend to much time doing that. šŸ™‚

  3. Mnmom

    I’ve been thinking on the word idea since your last post. I can’t decide between HEALTH, SECURITY, or WEALTH. Can I have all three??

    Wish I had some time alone at home. My days are work, run the kids around, cook, clean up, bed.

  4. Kristen

    I can’t wait to see what you post about the social networking sits. I’ll most likely agree.

    I, too, an sick of complainers. You know, we all have stuff we can complain about. I have lots. Really though, no one wants to hear it.

    Glad you are getting back to a nice quiet house…I don’t know what that is šŸ˜‰

  5. Pam

    My kids went back to school yesterday and I was so ready to get back to a real routine. Problem is I haven’t been able to get my big behind off the couch for the last two days. I need a series injection of motivation. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. And I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts. Very intriguing. I have to agree about the one liners of disaster on FB. I got tired of the drama and the drudgery and I haven’t been on FB in weeks (maybe months).

  6. sheila

    Oh yes! To the big girl panties! lol! I use that line all the time and I couldn’t agree more with you sista! šŸ™‚

  7. Ali

    I need to tell hubby to put on his big girl panties! He’s the complainer in the household. I have such a love/hate relationship with FB. I like keeping up with family who I see maybe once a year but does the guy who sat behind me in biology class really care if my son has an ear infection? I end up self-censoring info that the family might like to know:(

  8. Sheri Hubbs

    I think I may be one of those complainers too! LOL I just recently had to deal with DRAMA (family) and I must ask… why on earth is it, the people who hate drama the most are the ones always dealing with it?!? Don’t understand that one. Hey, I think I just gave myself a great blog story. You must let me know what you think of that book. Sounds interesting. I am glad you are enjoying your time while the kids are at school. I have one more year till I can sit back and enjoy my quiet time too, that’s if I don’t homeschool like I am pondering upon. šŸ˜‰ Take care!

  9. Terra

    I have been a bit of complainer and my big girl panties are two sizes too big and keep falling down, but I like to think I find a balance between the scrap and the happy…I hope! (there is my word for the year again, I must post it soon!!!)

    on that same note I just finished a book I LOVED…Have you read Born on a Blue day? I can’t wait to sit down and review it…I am still going over it in my brain!

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