The Taking of the SAT

January 22, 2010 Uncategorized 11

Tomorrow my daughters are taking the SAT test for the first time. I am personally a nervous wreck and sick to my stomach.

I don’t consider myself a helicopter or hovering mom. I like to think I am involved, concerned, gently prodding. I love my kids, each one of them, and each of them have talents that are amazing and unbelievable to me. Each of them has gifts that I do not possess. I am going to be very honest with you dear reader………my daughters do not standardize test well. They are good students, very good students, and they work hard for each grade they achieve. The dreaded standardize test is another issue.

In some form or another they have been taking tests like these since second grade. Honestly for the most part they score in the average range, there have been times when a score or area was below average in a bell curve sort of way. I’ve learned so much more about how a student learns and how a student scores and I’ve been able to encourage them to not be pigeon holed because of one lousy score. I keep telling them, you have great grades, you’ve passed the FCAT which is our states test that must be passed to graduate, and I tell them you can do this!!!

But still, I have that pit in my stomach for them.

30+ years ago when I myself took the SAT and the ACT I was nervous I know, but I took on the challenge and did it! I was able to do well enough the first time that I didn’t take the tests again. I only applied to 3 colleges and was accepted to all, and went to my first choice. I felt lucky and a little charmed…………but that was light years ago…………college admissions are more difficult today…….or so everything I read or hear tells me.

In reality, when I put my mind to it, I know this will all be fine. I keep repeating that an average score is all you need. They aren’t applying to Harvard, Yale or Notre Dame. A college admissions office looks at the big picture of a student………right? Grades, test scores, activities, letters of recommendation all of that.

But still………..I have that pit!

How do they feel you might ask. The attitude of each of my girls is different. One knows she will try her best, and if need be will take the test again. The other worries me in her assured failure. Now she won’t do miserable, but she is worried she will score less than average and have to do this again.

So tonight they will stay in and review more…………go to bed early after packing up a bag with two #2 pencils, a graphing calculator with fresh batteries, snacks, SAT admission ticket, and photo ID. They will wake early to a wonderfully prepared breakfast from mom. We will hug and kiss them and wish them well…………..and they will drive off to their test site.

At the end of the day, it will all be fine, we will all survive and live to smile.

And then I can start to feel that pit again waiting for February 11 when their scores will be in…………….dang when does this mothering gig get better?

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  1. Anita

    I think our kids tend to be a lot like us. If they’ve seen and heard you worrying and stressing over test-taking, then they may feel that way because you feel that way.
    Or maybe not. 🙂
    I’ve caught myself many times on the verge of “planting a seed” in my kids, and hurried to try to correct it.
    We all do the best we can with helping the kids, but they have their unique personalities; strengths and weaknesses. And we are there for them, just as you will be there for them tomorrow.
    I believe they will do fine, get into colleges, and live productive lives! 🙂
    Sorry for going on and on…my husband and I were just discussing our daughter’s grades and colleges yesterday…Ahhhh!!!!

  2. Crazy Mom of Three

    Tell them to either not take their cell phone in or be sure it is turned off. A friend’s dd’s cell phone rang during the test and she was put out of the test with no credit for any portion completed. Other than that advice, all I can say is deep breath, deep breath … and maybe get yourself some really good chocolate ….

  3. sheila

    nope, the jitters do not get better, lol! ha ha!

    What will be will be. THey can always retake. SO much is factored into the college entrance but I know, it’s hard not to bite your nails over it! 🙂

    Sending you positive energy right now girl!

  4. Laura

    Ah, Anita, I had to laugh out loud. My son took the SAT today, too.

    This mothering gig — does it get any easier? I’m not so sure, but its benefits are incredible.

    You’d like the quote on my FFF posted on Friday — go see!

    Hope they did well. (Have you tried the ACT yet?)

  5. Pam

    I hope it went well. And you are right about college admissions officers, they do look at the whole picture and most schools are putting less and less emphasis on the SAT. The girls grades will make up for any lack in the SAT scores. Here’s hoping Feb 11 gets here quickly.

  6. Ali

    Did everything go okay? I’m going to be a wreck when my 5 yr old takes a big test like that–he tends to get really frustrated with problems whereas my 7 yr old is more relaxed.

  7. Miss Healthypants

    There is so much about motherhood that people don’t think about when they are thinking about having kids. I hope that your girls did very well and didn’t get too nervous before the test–and that YOU didn’t get too nervous, either. 🙂

  8. My name is PJ.

    My computer was down part of one day and I was down part of two days. Sorry I missed this one.

    How did it go?

    Not everything rides on SAT scores, Anita. Think of it, not everyone does well on them. I didn’t. I survived. Your girls are well rounded in church, activities, community stuff. Any school would be lucky to get them!

  9. Terra

    since your girls are older I can see that it is not going to get better for me anytime soon…we did the big ISEE test and had to wait with the pit on that one and now on the school acceptances (or denials) and my guess is it never ends.

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