Book Review………..and a Give-a-way!!!

January 25, 2010 book review 19

Last week I read “Not My Daughter” by Barbara Delinsky.  What a timely topic!   I’m the mom of two teen daughters, and what is one topic that is sure to make you stand up and listen?  Teen sex that can lead to teen pregnancy, now that is something that scares most mothers of a teen.

The book is the story of four high school friends, four girls who make life altering decisions.  How will their choices to become pregnant together impact their friendships, their families and the entire town ?  Set in a small New England town, the main character Lily is 17 and is being raised by her single mom, Susan.  Susan is also the high school principal.  Lily has 3 close friends, and their mothers also happen to be good friends and business partners with Susan.  The bonds of these relationships are tested to the limit when the girls pregnancies are discovered and the reality of teen pregnancy comes to light.  Fingers are pointed, mothers and daughters are questioned.   We learn how families and an entire community react to the surprising news. Are the mother’s of these girls responsible?

I enjoyed this book so much.   Delinsky weaves a story so well.  While reading I felt I knew these girls, their families and the angst and stress they must have been feeling.   When I finish a book and I feel sad because I want to know more, I know this is a good story,  a book I want to share.  While reading it I was discussing these topics with my own girls, and naturally they said things like”oh mom I would never become pregnant in high school” or ” I think girls who do that are stupid”.  When you finish “Not My Daughter” your heart will go out to those girls that do become pregnant, and you will wonder which mom in the book would reflect your actions.  It’s a good book to read and share with your teen, opening up those conversations is the best way to make let your teen know you want to help them to make the best choices when it comes to sex. 
If you’re not familiar with Barbara Delinsky she has written many books, and the topics are timely and reach into your emotions, and really tell stories about families.  She is very approachable on fb, twitter and her blog.  She will be hosting a second online chat on February 17, 9pm Eastern time.  Just be on her blog site and there will a sign in page.  I was on the first chat discussing this new book, it was wonderful!  You can also request a free signed bookplate on her blog.  It’s a nice addition to  your copy of her book

I’m giving this book 4 stars……..I really really liked it. 

So you say you don’t have a copy of “Not My Daughter” and you’d like to read it.  I have great news!!  I’m giving away a copy of this book to one of my lucky readers.   Just leave a comment for me before Friday January 28, 2010, and you could win this book. Make sure I can find your email or leave it in comment.    Drawing will be done by Random Number Generator,   Please tell your own readers about this review and give-a-way, the more the merrier!! Winner will be contacted by me, and your  book will be sent to your home by the publisher.

Good luck!!

19 Responses to “Book Review………..and a Give-a-way!!!”

  1. Pam

    A woman in my book club was just telling us about this book and how great it is. Thanks for the review. Now I’m doubly interested in reading it. Count me in for the contest.

  2. Sandy

    I’ve read a couple books by Barbara Delinsky and have heard of this book. It was on my to-read list so please include me in your contest!

  3. Lisa

    I watched some of the movie with Chloe. All of her friends were watching it and texting each other while it was on. Very interesting.

    That very day, Nate spent the day with his girlfriend. We talked a lot about how the boy has to be so careful because if he gets his girlfriend pregnant, he has hardly any options. He’s along for the ride. It’s a very hard issue.

    The book sounds really interesting. I saw it at the bookstore, but had to pass it up because of being, well, broke.

  4. Terra

    Anita, this sounds like a great book. Sorry I haven’t been around much…I actually read your posts on my BB but I don’t like to comment from there (takes too long) then I forget to stop by when I get back to the computer!

  5. Bonnie

    Anita, this sounds like a good book. I don’t think I have ever read anything by her. Sounds like I would like her.

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