His Birth Story

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Twelve years ago I was giving birth to my son, Nicholas.  Nick was my third child, second pregnancy, and he was so wanted and loved before he even made an appearance.  I wish I had a copy of what I once wrote and shared with my online group, we all wrote a birth story and shared it, each one of them made me cry.  I’ll do the best I can to recall Nick’s birth

Monday Jan 26, 1998–Today we saw my Dr, (Dr. Doug) and he said yes I felt very big and very ready.  I am only one day past my due date, but he never expected me to go this long.  I went off the meds that were keeping my pre-mature contractions at bay two weeks ago.  Lord how I wish this child would come out!!  Doug sent us for an ultrasound, but at full term the readings can be way off.  The tech estimated that Nick was measuring about 10 pounds…….oh my lord, I don’t want a 10 pound baby coming out of me!!!   We went back to see Doug and he said he could strip my membranes, which I guess basically is that he tried to get thing started…..so we went for it.  We have picked up food for the girls and we are hoping for a baby soon.
@ 9pm, I am having light contractions.  We’ve talked to mom and dad, they are in their motor home @ 2 miles from here in a campground.  They have a pager we can alert them to come on over and stay with the girls if needed. 
@11pm, I’ve talked to Doug and his nurse and he said until my contractions are regular and less than 5 min apart to stay home.  Trying to get some sleep
@ 3 am, after almost no sleep and a shower and rocking, we are sure I am in labor.  Mom and Dad are on their way, and we’ll be going to the hospital soon. 
This next part is what I recall from the arrival at the hospital til birth.

We arrived at the hospital @ 3:30 am.  Our friend Mary Jimenez was working in the ER that morning and she asked us some questions, I think she thought I’d be going back home, but they sent up to labor and delivery. 
Once up there the nurses gave me a room and checked me………I was just 2 centimeters dilated, but my contractions were steady.  They told me to walk around and keep moving all I could.  I was so uncomfortable at every contraction…………and if I sat down or lay down, poor Kevin would sit down and doze off……..I yelled at him…..I think I was just a little on edge!  I was progressing and by 7 am they move me to a real delivery room.  I had asked for an epidural, but all the anesthetists were busy in surgeries and I couldn’t get one!!  They gave me Nubain, and while I thought it still hurt like hell, Kevin says I napped between contractions.  My water broke sometime between 9 and 10 centimeters and there was meconium , in other words Nick had his first poop in utero, not a good thing.  He was at risk of swallowing it.   Dr Doug was late……….yes late getting to the hospital…….I was freaking out over that one, but he basically arrived in time for me to push. They called in our pediatrician to check Nick as soon as he was born.   Since my first birth was twins, delivered by cesarean section, this was my first vaginal birth, and expected to be slower and not fast, but before 9 am I was pushing out my son and  yelling at everyone that it hurt!!!   They asked if I wanted a mirror to watch, I declined, but Kevin watched it all, and in between pushing I made him tell me everything.   I asked if it looked gross, I prayed I didn’t poop………..you know stupid stuff.  I don’t think I pushed 6 times……….and voila, Nick was born!  Our Ped wisked him to a table near my bed and cleared his air way.  he was pronounced perfect, given good apgar scores, though I can’t tell you what they are now. 
He weighed in at 8lb, 8oz and was 20.5 inches long. 
When they handed him to me, I was crying, he was so beautiful, and so worth all that pain.  I know I had stitches and I know the healing took a few weeks, but having that baby in my arms was the most wonderful feeling. 

Happy Birthday to my son Nick……………the years have flown by, and you are just as beautiful as that first day.  You are considerate and compassionate, I always tell everyone that you have an old soul, because you are so very kind. 

I’ve searched for a picture, not in an album and this is the best I can do………just a few hours old.  

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  1. Bonnie

    oh, that was a great story. Thank you so much for sharing…I was blessed with tiny babies…and since I had natural childbirth with both I sure was glad! I know Nick was “normal weight” but anything over 5lbs scares me! Give him a great big bday hug from Colorado and enjoy that boy!!!

  2. Bonnie

    Anita, something weird is going on. I didn’t write the above comment and it’s only 7:10 here.. It also is from Colorado (where I am). Anyway…

    Thanks for the beautiful story. My son is turning 12 on Feb. 3rd! I think you’ve inspired me to write something.

    ps. Can you let me know if you knwo who would have wrote the above. It’s kind of freaking me out.

  3. Bonnie

    Anita, I think I just figured out what happened. Terra is working on my blog this evening. I bet she was signed in as me..haha too funny

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