A Lunch Date

February 6, 2010 nick 30

On Thursday I had lunch with my son, Nick, at his school.  He attends a Catholic school and for some odd reason this has never been done before in the 13 years I’ve had a student there.
I first wondered if Nick would want me to attend, after all he is 12 years old and it might not be cool for his mom to come in.
I was thrilled when he was just as excited to have me join him.  I was given a choice of bringing my own lunch or buying.  So I ordered the chicken Alfredo pasta Nick raves about and I waited for Thursday.
Happily several moms and dads were in attendance……….the entire school was bustling with the guests.  The cafeteria was over full, meals taking longer than allotted, so Nick’s class went to the Science lab to eat………no worries.We had to wait a bit and Nick and his buddies were entertaining and very nice.  Nick got my food for me.I have to report the pasta and bread stick were oh so yummy!  He also cleaned up for me.
The very best and most surprising thing came when I was about to leave.  The teacher was telling the students they had to get to homeroom to get ready to go to their next period and I said to Nick”ok, I’d better go” and you know what?  He hugged me!  He let me kiss his head(in front of others) and he said”thank you mommy for coming”.  Ok………..this just totally made my day!!!
Nick is my baby……….and yet getting so grown up………….but he is still the affectionate sweet boy I have loved for 12 years.
Doesn’t this just make you say “awwww” and give you a little tear in your eye?

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  1. My name is PJ.

    This is so precious, Anita! I remember when my son was 12…and every now and again he’d call me ‘Mommy” still….and my heart would melt!

    I’m glad you had such a nice time and made such a wonderful memory for you both!

  2. sheila

    Wow! A public kiss? That should be burned into your brains memory for many many years! WOW! That is so so sweet!

    Hey, thanks for stopping over during your time of relaxation! And I enjoyed your post during mine, šŸ™‚

  3. Jessica Nunemaker

    That’s so cute!

    It makes me realize how much I need to appreciate the little things now — our oldest is 4 1/2. Before I know it — he won’t be calling me “mommy” or giving me a kiss in public either!

  4. Life with Kaishon

    Oh my goodness Anita! I am stopping over from SITS today and I am SO glad I did. This made me cry. It was so very, very sweet! I loved reading this! I am so glad your son is so loving and affectionate. He will always be your baby! My baby is 10. It makes me cry all the time!


    aww that is too cute!sounds like a great kid.
    my son is 11 and wont even let me tell him how to do his hair anymore!
    love your blog header!
    stopping by from Sits Saturday Sharefest

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