The ads………..did they live up to the hype.

February 8, 2010 Uncategorized 5

The Super Bowl is many things.  Often a great football game, and last night was no let down.  Congrats to the New Orleans Saints!
I enjoy the Super Bowl for other reasons.  1. A reason to make good football food, and 2. Commercials! I love to see what companies are going to show for all that money they put out for 30 and 60 second airtime.
If I gave a grade to this years commercials it would be a B-, I just didn’t think they lived up to years past.  It was a year of men in underwear……, do advertisers really think we like to see this or find it humorous?  I found two to be outstanding…….the Snickers ad with Betty White, and the VW ad reminiscing the way kids, us, others would give a punch in seeing a VW bug, Punch Buggy my kids would yell out.   If you missed it, google for it…… won’t be disappointed.
By far the ad that received the most pre-game hype was the ad featuring Gator Quarterback Tim Tebow and his mom.  The ad was paid for by Focus on the Family, a very conservative Christian foundation.  I have no problem with Christians, I am one.  I may not be ultra conservative and I may be pro choice, but I completely respect the views of others.  What I have no tolerance for is the intolerant………does that make sense?  This group has routinely spoken out against Gay rights, and many other issues. 
So the prattle about this ad was huge!!  Pro choice advocates boycotted watching the Super Bowl, and honestly revenue and viewership does send a clear message.  So what was the hype about?

Honestly, the 30 second ad said nothing.  Tim’s mom says how precioius he is…… she almost lost him, and how she has to keep looking out for him.  In all honesty the ad was benign.  I heard today the right wing groups are disappointed………..ugh.
In all fairness, CBS did not let a gay online dating service buy an ad…………and why not.  If tastefully done, why not…….doesn’t everyone deserve to find someone to love?

What were you thoughts on the Super Bowl commercials?

5 Responses to “The ads………..did they live up to the hype.”

  1. sheila

    I think the abortion ad was re-worded at the last minute, because that was totally different from the previews I saw, lol.

    My favs were the googling you life ad, and the don’t touch my mama ad.


  2. Pam

    I don’t know anything about Focus on the Family as an organization, but I did hear about the controversial Pro-life commercial they were going to air. As you say, it was completely benign. Abortion was never mentioned or even hinted at. A tempest in a teapot, really. (Unless, of course, people have a real problem with Focus on the Family. Again, I know nothing about them).

    I didn’t see all the commericals, but my favorite was the e-trade one with the Milk-aholic. Hysterical. Googles “this is your Life” commerical was awesome, too.

  3. Hammer

    I have to agree, when I saw the commercial featuring Tim Tebow I looked at my husband and said, what was the big deal. I thought it was tastefully done. I am pro choice myself and lord help me I live in “the bible belt”, but as far as gay rights I think they should also have a chance just like everyone else, if tastefully done, agreed!

    Most of Doritos commercials were great! My fav, the babies on the airplane for E-Trade!

    Have a great week!!

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