My weekend

February 16, 2010 Uncategorized 7

I was in Tampa this past weekend with Caitie.  She played in a Soccer Showcase and we were on the go for 3 days.
We drove over on Friday after school, and it had been raining and was very windy and chilly in Tampa, we decided on take out Olive Garden for dinner, and it was a great idea.  We watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and tried to get into bed early for our too early alarm.  Saturday’s first game was at 8am with team warm ups at 7…ugh.  We made it to the fields on time, never been to that complex before, but it was great!  A bit chilly, I think it was 45 outside.   It seemed the day for a tie…………we tied both games! 
Between games we visited with our friends Howard and Sherry, and their new puppy, Phoebe, she is a King Charles Spaniel, and just 11 weeks old.  So so sweet, but hard to get a picture of.  We went out to lunch and had a good afternoon.  Saturday night we dined with  teammate and her mom.  The adults had margaritas and then when we got back to the hotel we literally got on jammies, brushed our teeth and collapsed! 
Sunday we slept in, and got to the fields by 11am.  We won our noon game…yay, and moved onto our next game at 6:40pm.  Ugh more time to wait..  We went shopping!!  Caitie needed new cleats.  So then it was of to our mom-daughter Valentine lunch……..ahh how romantic.  We ate at Ruby Tuesdays and had a great meal.  We then found a Barnes and Noble where I gloriously read and she did homework.  
We again won our 6:40 game, and that meant moving to games on Monday.  We spent that night with our friends and saved the hotel cost………..don’t you love generous friends!?  We arrived at 8:30pm, needing to do laundry.  We skipped dinner and Caitie had dessert at their house. At 3:15 am we were woken my their large cat, Skylar, we call him Fat Cat….he is huge.  He wanted in our bedroom.  He pawed at the door, we tried spooking him, we let him in, hoping he’d leave, nope he wanted to sleep with us… no thanks, and then when we thought he’d gone, he was back, like 4 times.  Best line of the night…… Caitie…”What are cats afraid of? ……………and do we have it?”   I laughed so hard I was afraid we’d wake our hosts!!  We did go back to sleep thankfully, until about 6:45am.   Howard generously had picked up food for breakfast and we departed their house Monday morning by 8am………a short less than 12 hour stay.
Our game times were all messed up and we finally played at 11:10, against one of the better teams in the state, and at the end of regulation play, we were scoreless 0-0.  That means Penalty Kicks, and my daughter, the goalkeeper……..yikes!   She did just fine, one teammate missed her shot and we lost, but the good news was we were able to start for home and not play that 2:40 game…ha ha!~
I was so happy to arrive home by 3:30pm.  I had missed my husband, my home, my other kids.  I had sweet cards to greet me too. ( I bought 50% off flowers at the grocery today…ha ha).
Traveling with Caitie was entertaining, she is a fun person, she enjoys spending time with her teammates, but with me also, which is sometimes rare in a teen.
Maybe I’ll get a Valentines date with my sweetie next weekend.

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  1. Alex the Girl

    I’d love a good weekend out. It’s been ages. I love how coming home is such a good thing. That’s the best part (when the house is clean that is).

  2. linda

    I very much remember weekends like you’ve described. Jam packed with activity but fun.

    It was nice that you could have one-on-one time with just one child. I’m sure she loved spending the quality time with you too!

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