SAT results

February 18, 2010 Uncategorized 7

So the results are in!  
While they are not exactly what either of the girls wanted, in reality they aren’t awful either.  
The good news?
They can and will take it again,and with a little experience behind them and some better goals on how  to test smarter………… will all work out.
I know I feel better.
Caitie feels a great deal of relief that she is very close to her goal score.  She believes her current score would get her into one of her choice schools, because her GPA is solid.  She wants to go into engineering, so she’d like a higher math score.   Adrienne is harder to read, but that’s ok, she will manage, she always does.  
They are both also close to the score needed to qualify for Florida Bright Futures scholarships, which pay between 75 to 100% of tuition at state schools, 100% of CC.  
Do you remember feeling this way when you took the SAT?  I didn’t , I took it once, did well enough to get into the colleges I was applying to and never looked back.  
Why does all academia have to be so competitive now?

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  1. mama-face

    OMGEE. I found my ancient ACT scores just a couple of days ago! I forgot how stupid I really was. I will never tell my children my score.

    haha. I’m so happy for your girls and for you!

  2. Terra

    Well, I can’t speak for college but I have to say private school is very competitive and though Lauren did very very well on all her tests they still come into question during the parent interviews (at least you don’t have to do that for college) I am sure the girls did quite fine remember the SAT is just a piece of the puzzle….

  3. Beth

    Most colleges are not that competitive… They will do most anything to get your child.. I think private schools are more competitive and also Ivy League…but that is a given! I guess I didn’t stress too much… Lindsay got into a major university with her orginal score on the ACT…Laura got into the State school without a problem. I also think schools in the East have tougher admissions… from what I gathered on the college board I use to post on. I know whe Laura was applying the ACT score was just one indicator…

    I only took the PSAT…and was accepted on that score…back then they couldn’t not accept you because of a test score. When I did my Masters I had to do the GRE…ack…that was awful…so awful I thought it was easy! lol

  4. Pam

    Congrats to the girls! Sounds like they did pretty well. Having one experience taking the test will make it that much easier next time. Keeping my fingers crossed for that scholarship! I wish RI had something like that.

  5. My name is PJ.

    My SAT scores were nothing to write home about. I took it once and never looked back.

    Since our time, they’ve changed the entire grading/point system….and I don’t understand how it translates to the our vintage grading/point system at all!

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