Harsh Realities, Life is Short

February 23, 2010 Uncategorized 17

Last Saturday night four young teens were out and about in a community just south of where I live.  Their parents had dropped them at the mall, and the four had taken a bus to a downtown area.  This is near the beach, and near rivers and canals.  There are bridges and piers and fishing areas and most importantly there are trains.  Trains that travel across trestle bridges are dangerous……..and sadly these teens found this out.
The four were walking along the tracks, across the bridge and a train approached.  One teen made it to the other side, people on the docks yelled out for the girls to jump, not a huge distance down, but they did not do that.  The train blared his horn………people in their homes heard it, and still the girls were on the tracks.  In a horrific accident the three teen girls were killed, their bodies under the train, the newspaper and TV news giving sparse but enough details to imagine the gruesome scene.  

The teens were students at a local middle school. 
I can’t imagine the devastation these parents must be feeling.  Can you imagine your child making an innocent choice to buck authority and go where they are not permitted?  Can you imagine that choice resulting in such tragedy?  It’s so awful.  The community is reeling, they are asking a million questions, certainly many are blaming themselves. 
This has opened up dialogues in schools and homes, discussions on where your kids are, not lying about where they are going or with whom.  Many are hugging their kids tighter, happy they are safe. 
This last picture was taken two days after the accident, a flock of birds over the bridge. The picture is beautiful, serene and yet haunting in a way to me. 

Life is fleeting…………hold your loved ones close, and be safe.
photos from the Florida Today website.

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  1. Pam

    Oh my goodness, Anita. I read about this tragedy in our local paper a couple of days ago. I had no idea it had happened in your area. What heartbreak. I can only imagine the terror those girls felt that caused them to freeze as the train raced toward them. My heart goes out to their families and your communities. Our town has had more than its fair share of teen tragedies in the last 4 years or so and I am all to aware of how these incidents affect the entire community. What a shame.

  2. Yaya' s Changing World

    I used to live in Florida and it always terrified me when I had to drive on one of the causeways and wait for a train at the other end.

    My heart goes out to the families of these girls. Having nearly lost one of my own children, I am somewhat aware of the pain they must be feeling. Yes, the picture is beautiful, but I agree; it does leave one with that empty sense of heartache.

    Yaya’s Changing World

  3. Terra

    oh man, I have chills…and this comes on the heels of a school shooting at a middle school in our area today (the shot survived thankfully) there is so much heartache…it is so important to hang on to what we can.

  4. Beth

    Oh I am just shivering… how tragic and sad! And Middle school age? so very young, too! You have to wonder what their lasts minutes were about! I will say prayers for the situation for the families… oh goodness!

  5. Bonnie

    It’s always so painful to hear stories like these. Innocent youths just didn’t make a good decision. It shouldn’t have cost them their lives.
    Like Terra mentioned we had a school shooting today at a middle school. It just gave me chills when it came on the news. I could just imagine the terror those parents were feeling. Luckily everything turned out ok this time. It really took me back to when Columbine happened.

  6. Mnmom

    So tragic – I read about this earlier. I can only imagine that they froze, and couldn’t jump to the next trestle or into the water. And teens often make bad choices that put them in danger because they can’t think like an adult yet. This is just so awful on so many levels. My heart truly goes out to their family and friends.

  7. My name is PJ.

    Oh Anita, how horrific!!! I’ve seen what happens in schools and communities when one child dies; I can’t imagine how it will be for everyone involved that three have gone.

    That last photo is hauntingly beautiful.

  8. sheila

    This story could be from any town in the world it’s so common. Why do teens think they are invinsible? I don’t know but the heartache their parents must feel is overwhelming.

    Very very sad. Beautiful post and yes, beautiful yet haunting pics Anita.

  9. Sandy

    I read the story in the paper including an interview with a man who apparently saw it happen. What a terrible memory to have. I did realize it was in your area because I thought of my cousins. Such a terrible loss.

  10. criticalcrass

    my first thoughts were what neat photos. and then they became tragic and haunting photos. what a horribly disturbing story. i will pray for those families, for the one who lived. imagine the guilt he must feel.

  11. Rachel Cotterill

    That’s such a horrible thing to happen. I had a friend who was killed in a similar-sounding accident, except that no-one saw it happen. Just horrible.

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