Soccer Banquet

March 3, 2010 Uncategorized 4

Tonight is the high school soccer banquet for JV and Varsity players and families.  I love going and being proud of Caitie and her teammates. 
I’m less fond of the idea that it’s held outside at a big park covered pavilion.  I know it’s Florida folks but it’s still only in the 50’s at night……..and windy today. 

Here is a team picture.  Seniors in black, juniors in highlighter yellow, sophomores in pink, and freshmen in maroon.

Class of 2011, Caitie in the middle with Summer on her back.
The girl standing to the right is Miriam, she is a German Exchange student, what a great player and addition to the team this year.  The girls had a lot of fun playing with her.  
Don’t you love going to your children’s recognition events?  
What have you been most proud of  recently? 

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  1. Pam

    Congrats to Caitie. Enjoy the event, even if it is outside and windy. Just a bit of perspective for you. Yesterday it was 48 degrees here and it felt like spring. Everyone was out and about without their coats. I even pulled out my spring jacket and took my dog for a walk and was amazed at how warm it was. Today… not so much. It’s been snowing/raining (what’s known as a “wintry mix”) all day. And I had to go into Providence and park on the street and walk what felt like forever but was actually only one block. How I wish it was 48 degrees again.

  2. sheila

    Great pics! My niece plays soccer for OU. It’s a rough sport but so much fun. My daughter played for years when she was a ‘wee one’, lol but gave it up.

    I’m very proud of my kids lately for their wonderful grades and half way decent attitudes. 🙂

  3. Jen

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Anita! I hope the soccer banquet was fun – I can’t believe you’re playing! We still have 2 ft of snow here in Iowa 🙂

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