Friday Five

March 5, 2010 Uncategorized 7

Before I begin the standard Friday Five list of my thankfulness, I have some other notes
I didn’t even notice, but my last post was number 300 for me!!!  I know that is small change for those of you that blog daily, but quantity is not my goal, but quality.  I’d rather attempt to write with some substance than just to say I post something every day.  So not quite 2 years and 300 posts………..I’m feeling fairly happy about that. BTW, I couldn’t find a picture of 300 anywhere.

The Friday Five……………here we go!!
1. Hooray for sunshine and a few warmer temps.  Next week is bringing us back to expected temps in March, mid to high 70’s….I can’t wait.
2. Hooray for mid-terms being over today for Caitie and Adrienne…………they’ve studied, lets hope it pays off, and this weekend they will be free as little birds!
3. I had a fun filled two days working at the school book fair.  The sweetest were the PreK and Kindergarten kids.  The rowdiest were the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade classes.  They also changed their minds the most.  Nick now has 2 new books, my niece will be receiving some new things too.
4. I sometimes complain about driving Caitie to soccer practice, it’s 40+ miles from our house and while she’s driven it alone, I’m less comfortable of her doing it at night, with some highway road construction.  So ok for now I drive her, but the upside?? My hour to two hours that I get to spend in Starbucks!!  I drink coffee, sometimes treat myself to a reduced fat piece of coffee cake, and I read!!  If you look for me on Thursday nights…… would be the Starbucks on Wickham road…………….lovely!
5.  New books…………I have a new one in my hands right now and another on it’s way.  I bought books, shame shame for not using my library, but some things you just hate waiting for…ha ha.

The girls are off to an Anchor club convention this weekend.  Their HS club is sending 20 young people to this state convention in Orlando. They leave Saturday morning and return Sunday afternoon.  They will meet new people, learn about other service opportunities and most of all have fun.  They have a cute skit they are doing to this years theme of “Around the World”.  My girls represent France and Scotland in It’s a Small World….too cute!
Wishing you each a wonderful day and weekend!!
What are you thankful for?

7 Responses to “Friday Five”

  1. Pam

    Congrats on 300 posts! Good for you. And as you know, I’m all about substance. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Two hours in Starbucks relaxing with a good book is ample reward for driving to soccer practice. Not to mention those car rides with captive teens. Seems the best conversations happen in those circumstances. As long as the iPod is not attached to their ears. LOL!

    And to mimic Beth… what two books could you not wait for? Inquiring minds…

  2. My name is PJ.

    I used to LOVE the school book fairs when I was a kid!!! The memories you brought back with that one!!

    There’s nothing better than a visit to Starbucks to pass some time pleasantly.

    It sounds like another good week for you! That makes me happy, Anita!!

  3. sheila

    temps in the 70’s!!!!????!!! Ah, tis but a dream for me, atleast for another 2 months or maybe 3. *sigh*

  4. Miss Healthypants

    Congrats on 300 posts! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am grateful for temperatures in the 40’s–can you believe it? ๐Ÿ™‚ The 40’s may seem cold to you, but it feels like spring to us here in Chicago! *smiles*

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