Friday Five

March 12, 2010 Uncategorized 9

Yay its’ Friday!!!!
It’s been a great week!
1. Nick had a wonderful week, one day as a class retreat, something his school does during lent, a day of reflection.  One day he had a field trip, visiting a Catholic Retreat complex in Orlando, they hold all kinds of events there including…………
2. I signed Nick up for a week of Scripture Camp, it’s so much fun, says every person I know who has been.  On a lake, canoeing and lots of outdoor activities and yes, some reflection and prayer, He begged last year, but this year we are sending him!
3. Tuesday and Wednesday the girls only went to school half a day at @ 1pm.  In the state of FL all students in grades 3-10 take FCAT, standardized tests.  More info in this next week.  You must pass to graduate, ugh.  The girls passed last year, so they were free as birds, free breakfast at McDonald’s, yes they provided that to all students on Tuesday in our state. 
4. The sun has been shining, Wednesday it was 77!!  Thursday it rained all day………….booooo and you know why, because I promised my friend from NJ that we’d have sunshine when she visited, which leads to my # 5!
5. My friend flew in to spend a long weekend with her traveling hubby, who is at back to back conferences in the Orlando area.  I benefited because I was able to pick her up from the airport, take her to lunch and spend time browsing a book store with her.  She leads me to some of the best books and new authors.  I’m so excited that she and her husband are coming to our home tonight for dinner, what a treat for us all!!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend………….for all my recent sadness, looking back this really was a good week.

PS. A friend commented that she sees a green haze over most of my blog……………anyone have this problem?  Let me know please.

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  1. Anita

    In Virginia, we have SOLs – Standards of Learning.

    Glad you all have had a good week.

    FYI, when I’m linked into your blog, a green transparent block covers much of it. Don’t know if it’s a problem on my end or yours.

    Enjoy your weekend too!

  2. My name is PJ.

    I’m glad it was such a good week.

    I always wanted to go to camp when I was a kid, but there were 5 of us and dad wasn’t willing to spring for it.

    No green haze over your blog. It’s bright and open!

  3. Pam

    No green haze. Glad you had fun with your friend. So what books/authors did she recommend? Inquiring minds want to know…

    BTW, I just finished Chris Bohjalian’s Secrets of Eden. I REALLY enjoyed it. If you get another chance, I think you might want to check it out from your library again.

  4. Anita

    The green block in the middle of the post is gone. Didn’t mean to steal attention from your post Anita, but glad I could give everyone a laugh. 🙂

  5. Bonnie

    No green blob for me. Hope you had a good weekend. We had a beautiful day Saturday, in the 60’s and it’s been snowing all day today! That’s Colo for you.

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