This Made Me Feel Like I Needed a Shower

March 16, 2010 Uncategorized 11

If you’ve read much on my blog, you’re likely aware that I am a liberal Democrat, but you may not know that I was once a John Edwards supporter.  Yes I loved him in 2004, and was happy he was a balance to the John Kerry ticket.  I thought he had promise for the 2008 elections, and then…………low and behold I find out I’m not the only one who thought he was HOT!  Lucky for me, someone else met him and had lower moral standards, and is now getting more than in fifteen minutes of fame. 

 Enter Rielle Hunter.  Mistress, mother to John Edwards child, and gosh so many other things come to mind, fool is perhaps the kindest adjective I can give to her. 
Perhaps you have heard of the upcoming GQ article and pictorial featuring Ms. Hunter.  Please go on and take a look, it’s 10 pages long online, and has the controversial photos available too.  Many have said that the photos cheapen the article and make what she would say are her own words of their relationship even more tawdry and distasteful.  I don’t disagree.  I heard on The View today that she was appalled that those were the pictures chosen, and that she trusted the photographer.  Please explain to me why people pose in provocative photos and then are always so shocked when they are used???

The article is really an interview, Lisa DePaulo, a GQ contributor, is invited into Rielle’s home, spends the night and talks at length with Rielle, and gets to ask what many of us would think the intimate details of how she and John “Johnny” Edwards came to be lovers, or as Rielle says, “in love”.  

I came away feeling kind of slimy, and dirty.  I also feel that Rielle is naive, or blinded by love, or opportunistic, I can’t pinpoint it.   She was 40 something when meeting Edwards, slept with him the first night she met him.  She became pregnant(shock) and then was involved with the most bizarre cover up and all the while sucking up lots of money.  She tells “all” but leaves plenty unanswered.  

As for John Edwards, I have to say he is sort of a slime ball, and stupid.  The man is running for President, he is married, and thinks he can have an affair and keep in quiet.  He has unprotected(we assume) sex and then works harder at hiding his dalliance and denying it than another former politician.  Seriously when a politician comes on TV now and says ” I did not have sex with that woman, man, etc” I cringe and question that authenticity! 

Why do people want to put their lives on display?  I guess so goofs like me can read them, after all I did sit glued to my computer monitor reading most every word(I got bored with some of her answers).  I doubt it, but I hope Rielle’s 15+ minutes of fame are about up.  Now off to bathe!

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  1. My name is PJ.

    How to comment on this and keep it rated PG….hmmmmm….

    I’m sick and tired of the congressmen who did not sleep with that woman, did not engage in inappropriate contact with the man and never inhaled!

    I, too, was a Kerry/Edwards supporter in 2004 BECAUSE I thought Edwards brought promise to the ticket and a future for the Democratic party. He played me for a fool.

    And that he did ALL of this Rielle stuff (and goodness knows what else) while his wife was undergoing treatments for cancer is beyond reprehensible.

    Why do people put their lives on display? The same reason they become star f***ers – they never got enough attention.

  2. Crazy Mom of Three

    Hmmmm, well, I am so anti-politician I can puke! Sorry, but so many of these people lie, cheat and have such a low degree of moral integrity that I just have such little respect. I really think somewhere the constitution should say something about how the American people have a right to expect strong moral leadership (Character) from their leaders. Imagine how our society might change if our leaders were expected to conduct themselves in a Christian manner OR move themselves on OUT? I think is is all so distasteful. I do enjoy the news of these things to some degree though … it is more of a pure fascination that people would act like this. To me there is not much more shameful than to look out into the eyes of trusting American people and boldly LIE … campaigning or whatever …. I need a shower to!

  3. Pam

    It just seems to me after hearing all these stories of powerful men leading double lives (Tiger Woods, anyone?), that when people get too much power they think they are invincible. That the rules don’t apply to them. I’m sure part of that is human nature, but with great power comes great responsibility and we need leaders who are able to rise above the temptations that are suddenly available to them and not lose sight of their moral integrity.

  4. mama-face

    You are the 2nd person I’ve heard mention this already this morning.

    I am so disappointed in this man. He had it all (too much all?) and just threw it away. What IS it with politicians? We have a senator in our state who just resigned for having fooled around years ago with a 15 yr old. (Although I think there is a bit of a conspiracy in this case…but still, he did it). Is it the sense of power they have that makes it impossible for them to keep their pants on?

    Haven’t read the article and can’t decide whether I will or not. If “The View” had an opinion… (My own personal pet peeve…)

    His poor family. sheesh.

    “Luckily someone else met him and had lower moral standards”- LOL

  5. Hammer

    OK Anita, I am going to say it. Women could rule the world with what we have between out legs. We could have and do anything we wanted and run this country!!! I love the saying that Robin Williams said years ago in his stand-up routine. “There should be a woman president, but there would be some intense negotiations every 28 days!! LOL!

    We run our households why not everything else. I mean think about it, what is the hardest job in the world. Being a stay home mom! Why not president too!! I just had to throw this out there, but think about it, we could!!!!

  6. Ali

    She is sitting on a bed wearing only a man’s shirt with her legs apart–how did she think the photos would turn out?! I heard that on the View too and couldn’t believe it!

    P.S. Thanks for all the comment love these past few weeks:) I’ve been out of the blogging loop lately and I’m trying to get back into it but it’s hard–we’ve had some beautiful weather and all I want to do is be outside!

  7. Mnmom

    I was an Edwards backer too. And I don’t get why powerful folks think they can hide their affairs. And I don’t understand why they have them in the first place.

    People with lots of money, or prestige, or power DO think they are above the petty laws of the common folks. We don’t have to look far for the evidence. Politicians have been having affairs for years.

    And basically, I don’t WANT to know what’s going on in someone else’s personal life. I want our media to report the issues and stay out of people’s bedrooms, marriages, and parenting, and I don’t need to know about what faith they may or may not follow.

    OK, I’ve said enough.

  8. Elizabeth

    As someone who steers completely clear of all things political because my anti-republican/anti-democrat views infuriate EVERYONE (duh, right? hahaha)… I’m going to just bite my tongue about anything having to do with this. But… shudder…

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