Our College Tours

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I can hardly remember my college tours of 30+ years ago.  I had visited my school during high school as part of a journalism summer workshop, it sealed the deal for me as to where I wanted to apply and attend.  I applied to 3 schools, was accepted at all, and attended our largest state university.

Our trip last week was exciting and yet wore me out!!  I admit to not being young or in shape,I can only control one of those, but wow I think I need to! Walking is the common mode of transportation on a college campus, how does anyone gain that freshman 15?  It was so interesting to learn what each school has to offer, it’s unique majors, campus layout, focus, etc.
My daughters have narrowed their interests to smaller state schools and private schools.  The 3 universities we looked at last week ranged from 3600 students to 16,000.   The large schools in our state are over 50,000, HUGE!!!  
What I learned that was most important or informative was that my girls are fairly well poised to be admitted to the size and type of school they are are interested in.  In our state, bigger school equals more prestige and tougher admissions standards.    We talked to two admissions counselors and felt very good.
What was scary but realistic was looking at the real cost of college……somehow being there and looking at the numbers made it more real.
So after round 1 Adrienne is interested in West Florida, but dang it is 8  hours away.   It’s a lovely wooded campus, and she will see more seasons there than here.  We didn’t see the housing, but online it looks nice.  Jacksonville Univ is small, older but impressive.  It’s only an option if Adrienne can play softball there.  There is a huge hill, valley, between housing and the main campus, and those steps about did me in. It was an afternoon tour, warming weather, and well…..physically demanding. 
Caitie really like U of N FL.  Great engineering school, campus was all closer together, reminded me of my campus in many ways.   Uber ritzy dorm with a separate pool and lazy river…..yes can you believe that?  Many other housing options too.
We have other tours in the future………..some in the summer I expect.   We have about seven months until applications will start going out of our home.  Wow………did I really just type that?   Amazing how time flies!

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  1. My name is PJ.

    It sounds as though it was as much mental and emotional workout as it was a physical workout!

    I’m glad you all got to do it together! Welcome back!!

  2. My name is PJ.

    It sounds as though it was as much mental and emotional workout as it was a physical workout!

    I’m glad you all got to do it together! Welcome back!!

  3. Pam

    How lucky that both girls already have a sense of what they do and don’t want in a college campus/environment. That is a huge hurdle. I hope your college tours continue to go well. It can be a very emotionally (and physically!) draining time.

  4. Miss Healthypants

    Wow, I can’t imagine having kids going to college soon–not to mention having to pay for college for them! (And a lazy river at a college? Oh my gosh, I wish I would have gone there! *hee hee*)

    It will be an interesting time in your life & your girls’ lives, and I wish you all the best. 🙂

  5. Bonnie

    Must be so exciting for all of you but a bit draining physically and emotionally for you mom!

    I know your girls will to great wherever they choose. Sounds like they are ready!

  6. Crazy Mom of Three

    Sounds like things are really coming to together for them in preparation for college … what a change ahead and how fun for them :)I think it is neat how you all can visit colleges together 🙂

  7. Jenny

    Sounds like an exciting time. Hope you get caught up on your rest!

    And thanks for visiting my on my BON day!

  8. sheila

    My daughter is going to be a senior next year and we haven’t started touring yet. She’s unable to pick a few that ‘suit’ her. UGHHHHH.

    THe first kid was easy…the second? GEEZ! That U of FL sounds really REEEAALLLY nice! And the walking would do me in to. And I agree, how on earth with all that walking do they gain 15 (or 25! lol) lbs. Crazy!

  9. Elle

    It sounds like your girls know what they’re looking for in a school/campus, which is good! College costs can be so ridiculous, but it’s so worth it.

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