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April 8, 2010 family 8

The picture above is my niece Dawn, and her mom, my sister, Ouida.  I love them both………..and even more so lately because of the generous hearts and spirits they display.
A couple of months ago Ouida and I were talking.  We talk often, even though she lives in Dallas.  We were talking about Caitie and how she thinks she wants to study Civil Engineering, and Ouida mentioned that she needed to talk to Dawn about doing a summer internship with her.  Dawn is a senior engineer with a civil engineering firm in Dallas.  She has a wonderful position and reputation in her workplace.  She works with water treatment and travels the country and the world to set up systems.
So Caitie called Dawn, and it’s been mostly a go for over a month with some details to iron out.
Caitie will spend 6 weeks working as an intern.  She will be paid and she will get to see many different aspect of civil engineering, including structural which is where her interests lie.  She will live with Dawn, and on the weekends she can spend time with my sister, my brother, my nephew’s family and of course my parents. 
Caitie is extremely excited, and honored that she is being given such an opportunity.
It seems funny to send Caitie off to live with Dawn.  While she is only 9 years younger than me, I still sometimes see the little girl she once was. Dawn is an accomplished woman, and I am proud of her. I know she will be a wonderful mentor to Caitie.

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  1. Terra

    ok that is so cool, I do see the “feel funny” part too she will always be your neice and that would feel odd (at first)

    great opportunity!!!

  2. Mnmom

    What a fantastic opportunity!!! Good luck to Catie. PS – my husband is a civil engineer, so was my dad, as are 3 uncles! Runs in the family.

  3. Pam

    That is such great news! In addition to the wonderful internship it will be so wonderful for Caitie to have a chance to get to know her aunts, uncles and cousins better. And an opportunity to spend time with her grandparents is just priceless. I hope she has a wonderful time.

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