Something to Love About a Small Town

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I live in a small town………population under 45,000, so by some standards a small city.  We don’t have a lot of the larger chain restaurants or stores………..we do have a Target and that big box W store, and we have groceries, and small versions of a JCP and Sears, but we don’t have much “big” stuff.  It can make it tough for some shopping, and it can make it harder to find just what you want in food to eat out,, but we do have some things that just make living here fun and friendly.
Two businesses that share a lovely little cottage in Downtown Titusville are Something Sweet Cake Studio and photoArtworks.

Isn’t that a quaint little cottage?  It’s adorable!  What is inside is something spectacular!!  Years ago I began seeing the photographic work and genius of  Sharlene Gaenicke, senior portraits, and weddings were the first things I saw.  In the last couple of years I began seeing cakes and goodies from this fabulous artist Johnnie Sue Messler……..and I even tasted some….oh my!  Just in the last few months I started stopping by the cake studio and picking up a few treats, and then the most wonderful thing happened……..Johnnie started doing this wonderful thing she calls “Facebook Fan Fridays” and she gives away treats, while they last if you are fan!  Oh my goodness I’ve been treated to red velvet cake cuppies, a yummy white cake with raspberry cheesecake, a cuppie named a Salty Dog, and much more………..they are so so delish!
Then, just last week Sharlene posted on FB that if you came by on Friday she would take a free FB profile picture for her fans………….what another treat!   This woman is amazing!  Just look what she did for Nick and I.

Now granted Nick is a beautiful subject to photograph, I on the other hand am just a little haggard looking most days!  I didn’t even prepare for this really, my right eye had been bothering me, so I didn’t wear my contacts, and I had to take my glasses off, I didn’t wear as much make up as I usually do, but Sharlene make me look so gorgeous!  I’m not fishing for compliments, I just want you to see what great work she did!
I cannot wait to have her take the girls Senior Portraits, if you look around her web page or her facebook you will see all the great shots she takes, love the outside downtown shots or on the beach ones too.
These two women make each person that walks in the door feel like an old friend, someone you can’t wait to chat with and share a smile.  I love this part of small town life!
If you are ever in town……….these are two businesses you can’t miss…………and if you come to my house it’s a good bet that if I have time I’m picking up dessert from Something Sweet!
*all photos courtesy of photoARTworks.

21 Responses to “Something to Love About a Small Town”

  1. Mommakin

    I’m on my way, ’cause those treats sound WAY too good!!!

    Seriously, there’s a LOT to be said about mom and pop stores. I have a very strong preference for them and – around here at least – they’re going the way of the dinosaur, or vinyl albums… it’s a loss.

    I’ve already told you how pretty your new pics are, but I don’t reckon that’s the sort of thing a person can hear too much of… she DOES do good work, but she had something pretty special to work with…

  2. Elizabeth

    I do LOVE Those pics. Very pretty. She sounds like a wonderful person to have in the neighborhood :o)

    Your first line made me giggle. We have under 2,000 people in my town! I’m waiting impatiently for the new census count lol.

  3. photoARTworks

    Oh my! What an honor to have a spotlight on your FANTASTIC blog! Thanks so much! And, Mommakin is right: the subject is GORGEOUS! Plus, Nick is super cool! Keep on Rockin’, Anita!!

    p.s. see u next friday and bring a friend (have them join both fan pages so they can enjoy the benefits, too). 😉

  4. Anita

    All the shots ARE good! The kid is a natural and you’re looking good too.

    You’re such a friendly and inviting person…if I’m ever in Florida, I might just have to come by to join you for the treats. 🙂

  5. Lisa

    What talent! And using FB as a marketing tool is a great idea. I love those photos of you and Nick. and now I am craving cake.

  6. Ali

    You look so great Anita! And I love that one of Nick with the sky in background. Those are 2 women who know how to run a business. The big W could learn a lesson from them!

    P.S. Hope you found the perfect shoes for Catie’s dress–I’ve been on my own hunt for the perfect pair to wear to my sister’s wedding. It’s hard!

  7. Beth

    45,000 sounds rather large to me..but if you are isolated I guess not…we are much smaller but with large like Metro areas and MOA.. wish I liked to shop! lol

    I am scamming a trip to your area in the next 6 months or so…just lettin’ ya know so you have my cuppie ready!

  8. Pam

    What’s not to love? I have to agree with Tammy about mom and pop shops. That’s just one of the pleasures of living in a small town. Both you and Nick look amazing!

  9. Laura

    Love your description of a small town…I grew up in a town of 40,000 and it was great.

    I’m a Floridian too, but no small town!

    Come on over for some mom inspiration and encouragement.

  10. Jennee

    I remember driving by Titusville exits when I moving to Ohio from Miami. I love the name of that city because it reminded me of my best friends….no reason really, other than we all like the name Titus. Ahh, the simple things in life!

  11. Bonnie

    Next time we are down your way we will have to check it out. If we come to your house any of those desserts will do! HAHA

    The pictures are so good! You look great and Nick is such a handsome speciman. I can’t wait to see your girls senior pictures.

  12. Mnmom

    This is weird! One of my students told me told he’s moving to TITUSVILLE FL!!!!!! We even looked it up on Google Earth together!

    Our town is 18,000 and we have some great local businesses. Love them. Those cakes look like works of art themselves.

    And your portrait is darling.

  13. Terra

    in my opinion their is nothing better than a small town and great little stores with wonderful people! And I lvoe the photos, yes Nick is quite handsome but his mothers beauty shines through not only in her photos but in everything she does.

  14. Yankee Girl

    You are not haggard looking! Those photos are great!

    I love living in a small town. I prefer quaint small stores to the large stores anyway.

  15. My name is PJ.

    You’ve found yourself a sweet deal, Anita!

    You wouldn’t know “haggard” if you ran smack dab into it! You’re cute as a button. Accept the reality.

    I live in a small town too. 15K. It was only half that when we moved here 9 years ago.

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