Come On In………..Pull Up a Chair!

April 14, 2010 BON 23

Welcome to my little corner of blogland.   Now if I were really welcoming you into my home, I’d great you with a comfy place to sit, coffee, tea, or a drink of your choice.   I’d probably have a warm coffee cake or some cookies to offer you…………now doesn’t that feel nice?
I am so excited that Pam and Sandy from Words of Wisdom have chosen me as the BON or Blogger of Note today.   If you’re not familiar with WOW(acronyms abound on this blog), let me tell you about it.  WOW is all about finding and sharing blogs with great content.  Blogs that make you think.   Now many of you might be wondering how the heck I was chosen, but I’ve been assured it’s not about serious Pulitzer worthy material, but about writing that makes others think, or laugh, or just want to jump in and chat.

I’m suppose to tell you a little about myself.   I’m a recently turned 50 year old woman, living in the Sunshine state of Florida and trying my best to keep up with my family, near and far.  My blog title really says it all, I’m many things.  I guess first I’m a daughter to my aging parents, but alas they are 1000 miles away, I’m thankful for siblings that help and keep me informed.   I’m also a wife of almost 20 years to a man I’d describe as my real soul mate, my heart still skips a beat when he smiles at me, and I love every minute we have together.  I’m a mom to three…………and trust me, parenting can provide much blog fodder, much of it just a place to vent, or brag, or laugh about!   I’m currently contemplating a return to working outside my home, as we’ll have two going off to college in another year……..yikes that sounds scary!
So I’m now linking you to 3 posts that I think represent me, or my writing………………I hope you enjoy!

Harsh Realities, Life is Short  a tragedy that occurred in our local area…………breaks my heart.

Odd Things a Boy Does  just a small glimpse into life with a 12 year old son……..he is a hoot!

My Parents the people who loved me and gave me life, and who they are now. 

This was really hard……..I looked through 318 posts and choosing just 3 isn’t easy.  I’m not sure these are the ones that say the most, but I wanted to find some that showed you different aspects of me.  
So look around, I always feel like a stalker on a new blog…..poking around and digging for information. 
Thank you again to Pam and Sandy for creating such a wonderful place for us to share!

23 Responses to “Come On In………..Pull Up a Chair!”

  1. Everyday Kathy

    Happy Bon Day! I get to be your first commenter because my three year old wet her bed and the trauma that ensued in getting her back to sleep has me wide awake at 2:00am! I did feel a slight yawn coming on but then I started to read your blog… now I could be up all night!

    Thanks for making it all so inviting!!
    I’m following you now!
    Kathy over at Everyday Bliss

  2. mbkatc230

    Congratulations on being chosen BON! I’m so happy to have found your blog. Loved the three posts you chose, just made me want to browse around a bit and read more. Your son sounds like a hoot! Where in Texas are your parents? Happy to meet you! Kathy

  3. Terra

    Just an FYI, a simple glimpse at your blog, a recent post or an older one and anyone can see this is a blog that can’t be missed!

  4. WOW

    Anita,so glad it’s your turn to be BON. I feel like you’ve been holding my hand ever since the first day I started blogging.

    And you are absolutely right. WOW is for anyone whose main reason for blogging is to share ideas. I encourage all of you haven’t joined WOW to come and check us out. And contact us about becoming BON. We’re looking for other great blogs like Anita’s. Come join us.


  5. Jenny

    I’ve been here before but I’m back! What a lovely background and I like your style of writing.

    I am off to visit.

  6. Jo

    Nice to meet you, Anita. I seem to be your counterpart from the west coast. 😉

    I’m happy to meet you and wish you my heartfelt congratulations on being today’s ‘BON’ –it’s well deserved.

    I’ve enjoyed reading about you….

    Peace and serenity,
    ‘The End Of The Rainbow: Life After Bankruptcy’

  7. Karen

    Happy BoN Day!

    You have a lovely blog. Can’t wait to stalk you…er…I mean, have a little look around!

  8. Emma

    Congrats on being today’s BON! You are obviously a woman who appreciates her family. I love the story about your son. As someone with three little brothers, I know that boys (particularly teenagers) do some ridiculous things! Thanks for sharing your stories.

  9. Lora

    AND you have great music on your blog! i’m loving listening to a little Buble while i’m writing…

    congratulations on being the BON…erm, yesterday. i’m running a little late, which truly isn’t abnormal!


  10. ~Kristen~

    Hello and Happy BON Day!!! You have a lovely blog!!! I am looking forward to reading more and getting to know you!!! 🙂

  11. Sandy

    Anita, hope you enjoyed your time as BON. It’s great to see all the comments saying the same things Pam and I already knew!

  12. Denise K.

    Yeah!!! SO glad to see you on your blog and out in blogland! I feel like I have met a celebrity! Looking forward to poking around some more, and of course wish I could just pop on over to your home and really visit!!!

  13. mama-face

    Congrats! I’m trying to catch up, so I’m late for the party.

    One thing I have noticed about you is your great attitude about life-no matter what comes your way, you always look on the bright side. This is something I definitely need to work on. I think the sunflowers of your background is so you.


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