Too Old for an All Nighter

April 19, 2010 Uncategorized 16

Saturday I helped chaperon a group of high school students at Relay for Life. 

If you’re not familiar it’s an event usually held at a track or large open space where teams from schools, clubs, local businesses etc come together to raise money and awareness for cancer.  Our event was held at a local high school’s football field.  We arrived about 4pm, set up tents and canopies and chairs, and our kids and us walked, and walked and in between walking we had fun!   Imagine a couple of hundred or more people coming together……….and survivors honored… was fantastic. 
They had DJ’s and music all night long.  They had Zumba and other dancing events.  They had volleyball and Frisbee and crazy contests all night long too.  They had karaoke and some was good, and some was so bad…ha ha!  Naturally there was also food……….good food and junk food and sugar!
The goal is to have folks from your team walking all night…………..all night…………until 6am or later.  We had tents set up for naps……..and a few kids did actually sleep a bit.  Some stayed up all night, as did all 5 adults that were with our team of 28 students that were able to stay til nearly dawn. 
Now the reality is I’m a night person, I like staying up late, I like sleeping in.  So until @ 3am I was good, then I started to get tired and achey.  I wished for my bed.   I was tired of the music and @ 5am I told the last group of DJ’s to stop with the head bopping techno music and put on something with words…….they stated they were just trying to keep people awake……please! 
After driving home and getting into bed at about 6:40am I slept……… a worn out body!  Now 30 years ago I would have slept for  few hours and been up………..but dang it was like a bad hangover!!
I tried to get up by noon….no way, I ate a little bit, and tried but it was no use.  I laid in bed most of the day.  Today I woke up, took Nick to school and came home and napped………….til noon!  Noon!!  Good grief!!!
I finally feel more normal, but I honestly know how my age and body have betrayed me!!  When we are young we party, stay up late, and still rebound and move on.  Now it’s taken more more than 30 hours to recover from staying up for closed to 24 hours. 
Guess what………I’ll be doing it again next year……………it’s a great cause, I had a blast with those great young adults…………and it was all worth it!!    Pour me some more coffee now!

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  1. Mnmom

    From this cancer survivor, I say THANK YOU!!!
    I’m doing this on May 1st, but our event has gone to a noon-midnight time schedule. Lots easier than an all-nighter.

  2. mbkatc230

    Wow, having chaperoned a whole lot of band trips during Cait’s school days, I know how much fun (and how exhausting) this can be. But what a great cause, and it sounds like a great group of kids. Personally, I turn into a pumpkin after 10 pm, so you get major props from me πŸ™‚ Kathy

  3. Casey

    Thank you for taking part in this! It might have been hard but the reason why is so important, you are a trooper!

  4. Pam

    You are one brave woman. Staying up all night is bad enough, but doing it with teenagers takes it to a whole new level of self-sacrifice. You are a better woman than I. Glad you had fun and were able to nap the next day!

  5. Belle (from Life of a...)

    Jumped over from WOW. My hat is off to you for making it through the night. Our Relay took place last night and I’ve yet to spend the night out on that football field. Home has always won out shortly after midnight, if not before. Our kids can make it all night and still be ready to go all day the next day.

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