Where Do the Hours Go?

April 29, 2010 Uncategorized 6

I have been obviously absent from blogging and I can’t even account for what has been going on.  Nothing earth shattering, things are busy always with a family but I’ve just been remiss in sitting down and writing.
Last week my husband celebrated his 44th birthday, yes the man is younger than me!  He is younger and more fit and ok, I’ll say it, he is nicer than me!  I love how everyone loves Kevin, he is just a nice guy! 
I celebrated his birthday by buying a decadent cake and grilling yummy steaks and early that morning I began with crashing my car into a decorative iron fence!!!  UGH, yes you heard it. 
I was taking Nick to school, we were running a bit behind, he forgot something.  I pulled into a drive of a Dr office, I was rushed and angry and I didn’t miss the fence post that is actually inside the driveway, but that I’ve never hit before.  It’s my own dang Dr’s office no less!  I hit the post, knocked the gate off the hinges(it was open) and crushed my right front fender, cracked my side mirror and put scratches on the front bumper……….ugh!!!! Most accidents really do happen within 2 miles of your home, this one was less than one mile. I called Kevin, he came home to look at it, and pulled the bumper away from my tire.  We called the insurance and the Dr. office.  Sure we have insurance and a high deductible because we have 2 teen drivers.  Ugh!  It’s going into the shop next Monday for repairs, and we’ll be a little poorer.
Kids are well, the girls only have 3 more weeks, and then their Junior year is over…..I can’t believe it!
Nick is fine, he is working hard……and I feel like we push him to do so lately.  He’s always been a very good student, but he’s been lazy lately.  Nothing awful, kid stuff.  His grades are still good, but I’ll be happy when 6th grade is over.
We purchased Caitie’s plane ticket for Dallas last night, she is so looking forward to this internship.
HS softball is over, now the summer travel season begins and we’ll be insane!!!   All this is to hopefully secure a college scholarship so think good thoughts when I speak of yet another tournament out of town!!
I hope to be back in the grove of writing……………since I’ve been sitting here writing this, I realize how I miss it, how it’s good therapy for me.   I’ve missed reading blogs too…………..so if I haven’t been by yours I will be.

6 Responses to “Where Do the Hours Go?”

  1. Anita

    Oooooo…sorry about the accident. I hope the getting the car fixed and the insurance process won’t be a pain.

    I’ve not read as many blogs as I want to either. It’s something about this time of year, I guess. We’re all busy transitioning. 🙂
    Take care.

  2. Terra

    Well, should I tell you about the time I ripped the mirror off my car? Nah. In my own garage. Nah. Because that pretty much sucked too.

  3. Bonnie

    Hey, my husband is turning 44 in June. We are actually the same age. I will be 44 in August. I think he’s the nicer one too…

    Sorry about your accident. I’ve done things like that and it’s so frustrating! At least no one was hurt.

    Glad you are posting. I know what you mean. I’ve had a hard time lately writing posts and reading too. I always enjoy it once I get going though.

  4. Miss Healthypants

    Happy Belated Birthday to your hubby! 🙂 (And I also robbed the cradle with my husband–he’s 1 1/2 years younger than me. 🙂 )

    Sorry to hear about your little crash…but glad to hear from you, anyway…you’re right, writing is good therapy. 🙂

  5. Pam

    Except for the car accident, I could have written this post. I’ve had absolutely no time for blogging lately. And I can’t figure out where the hours are going either.

    I hope everything works out OK with your car. And good luck with the softball tournaments.

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