May Wrap Up

May 27, 2010 Uncategorized 9

My oh my, where did May go…………well I can run it down for you in a few sentences.
We began with HS softball season ending with a 500 season, we won just as many as we lost, and while I had a blast I was happy for the 3 game a week weeks to be done(some were only 2 games). 
May 7 was Nick’s final track meet, and sadly he performed less than his previous meets, he was bummed he only scored a 3rd place ribbon in one event. 
May 8 was the Junior Senior Prom for Caitie.

She went with her long term boyfriend Shayn, they had a blast!!Adrienne didn’t go, she was not bothered by it at all, she said she might try to go next year as it will be the last time.

May 14, the space Shuttle Atlantis took off on it’s last mission, and headed to the International Space Station.  
Adrienne is back to 2 to 3 night a week travel softball practice, we had a great team picnic on May 15 at Deleon Springs Park, what a lovely place!! I didn’t take a picture of it but the swimming area is naturally spring fed, they have it roped off and it has steps etc.  Cool water year round. 

May 16 we had a softball scrimmage, 3 games
May 19 was my 20th anniversary, wow Kevin and I have been married forever….well not really but its’ been a great run so far!! Kevin took the day off and we went out to lunch and shopped and then saw a movie, it was fun.
May 21 was the last day of school, and then Adrienne and I headed to a softball tournament. 

This week has been fairly laid back, cleaning which really needed to be done, and the girls out and about, beach, softball practice etc. We spent 1.5 days shopping for clothes for the internship, and we are just about done, she is going to be so cute!!
Caitie has planned a girls movie night at our house tonight,inviting @ 8 girls and planning popcorn, candy, drinks…..she is so funny.
May ends with a softball tournament in Clearwater (big surprise).  Monday we’ll be going to a family fish fry in Sebastian.  Kevin’s parents left a time-share to the boys and each year one brother takes it.  It’s nothing elaborate, but it is nice, 2 bedroom and the complex has a great pool and picnic area and is also right on the Indian River………very pretty.  We are taking Shayn, it’s about time he met all the crazy family. 
Whew!  Looks like we were busy. 

Book and movie reviews next, I promise!

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  1. CHERI

    Hi, Anita. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today! Sounds like you lead a VERY busy life with your 3 kids. Take it from a “grandmother”….enjoy every minute with them because in the blink of an eye they will be grown and living their own lives. Of course, the up side is that they will then (hopefully) give you grandkids!

  2. Lisa

    You have been so busy! May is just that kind of month. I hope you get to enjoy some downtime on your trip to Indian River!

  3. Bonnie

    You have a lot going on. I love all the pictures. Your daughters are beautiful. Hard to believe May is almost over.

  4. Mnmom

    May is like December! So busy.
    Your twins are so beautiful, and so talented. They are going to make fabulous adults. Good job Mom!!!!

  5. Pam

    Thanks for giving us this update. The end of the school year is always so, so busy. Sounds like yours has been full of good times. Enjoy the fish fry – and the chance to relax!

  6. Terra

    I hope you and your family plan a trip to CO sometime (or me to FL) I would love to just Hang out with you all! You have such a beautiful family inside and out.

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