Book Review: Get Lucky

July 2, 2010 book review 2

Get Lucky by Katherine Center published April 2010, read May 2010
This is the third book written by Katherine Center, I read her first two in 2009,  The Bright Side of Disaster, and Everyone is Beautiful.  I waited several months for this book to be published and couldn’t wait to read it.  
Sarah Harper has a critical lapse in judgement and loses her big city big time advertising job in NYC.   She returns to Houston to her sister and best friend Mackie.  Sarah is at first lost on what she is going to do after the Thanksgiving holiday, and then it dawns on her that she will help her sister have the baby she longs for.  Along the way Sarah faces her own demons of the past, losing her mother, her relationship with her father, and other things of her youth, like many of us she would like to leave them behind.
Katherine Center’s writing is lovely and lively and you really want to like Sarah and her sister Mackie.  I did enjoy them, but something about the simplicity and less than emotional trial of becoming a surrogate for her sister left me hanging.  Perhaps my own infertility struggles have made me a bit more realistic of the devastation and heartache there can be on that journey.  Beyond having her sister’s baby there is a love attraction that is a funny on again off again tale that keeps the reader wondering where it will end.  
I rated this book a 3 out of 5 stars.  I did enjoy it, it was easy to read, but not realistic in my opinion.   I even told a friend of mine that parts seemed silly to me.     It does make a good beach read and I’d be more than happy to share my copy if anyone would like me to send it along.  
I look forward to more of Katherine’s works, her first two novels were wonderful.

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    I will trade you if you want one of my Sheila Roberts books. Let me know. I think one is called Small Change Club (maybe not exact title, but I don’t have it in front of me. The other is called On Strike For Christmas (really fun Christmas book.)
    From Susan (shoes8)

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