Internships, and Summer Camp

July 3, 2010 Uncategorized 3

Things are still busy here in my little corner of the world but life is good.
Caitie is enjoying her internship.  She is working and being well paid, at a Civil Engineering firm in Dallas.  My niece is an engineer, and she helped Caitie secure this position.  Cait is working in the Water division with a team, they are doing upgrades on a water treatment plant.  She really believes she wants to study structural engineering, but this is what was available to her, and she has loved it.  We are so proud of the obvious maturity she is showing.  She has been driving in a city that is much larger than where we live or Orlando.  She’s been working hard, and she has shown her cousin what a great young woman she is becoming.  She is half way through her internship, and she is very much enjoying this weekend, as her boyfriend, Shayn, has flown out to Dallas to spend the long weekend with her.  I know they’ve missed each other.
I’ve missed my girl too, but I keep reminding myself that college is just a year away.  I know I am blessed that she likes to text me and call me daily.  She went out and bought a web cam so she can skype with me too…….wow technology is so fun!

Last week Nick went to his first week long camp.  He went to San Pedro Scripture Camp, just in a part of Orlando, but it felt like he was far far away, and he had a blast!
Several friends went last year and he had asked to go.  I never worried about him for one second.  I knew he was having a total blast.  Kevin and I picked him up last Friday, we were treated to a lovely Mass with he and his camp-mates and then a great slide show of their week.  He made several new friends, he seemed a bit kinder and appreciative when he came home.  He can’t wait til next year!

Our weekend is fairly quiet.  A cookout/party with some friends on Saturday night, and that is about it.  They boys are off to see Avatar, the Last Airbender at some point.  I am content to stay in a comfy spot and read I think.

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  1. Terra

    I used to attend a christian athletic camp each summer and I giggled at your comment “he seems to be a bit kinder” Camp did that to me each year too…for a week or two anyway!

  2. Miss Healthypants

    Glad to hear that your kids & family are doing so well. 🙂

    Even though you miss your kids when they’re away, the fact that they are doing so well on their own means that you’re a great Mom! 🙂

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