Book Review: Lift

July 5, 2010 book review 0

Lift by Kelly Corrigan, published March 2010, read April 2010
I first discovered Kelly Corrigan in early 2009, a friend sent me a video of her Transcending it is entitled and it gave me chills and made me want to know more, read more by this woman.  I quickly read The Middle Place, a memoir of Kelly’s fight against breast cancer, her fight to live.   Wonderful, touching, honest, I loved her style and her writing.  
This second book, very small, less than 100 pages, is a letter to her daughters.   Kelly’s daughters, Georgia and Claire, are young, and growing and she took this time to write down a few things that she wanted to be sure she shared with them.  Don’t we all wish we’d written more down, more small stories, the little things our children do and say that make them precious.  Don’t I wish I’d written down the small bits of wisdom I’ve learned along the way of raising them and living 50 years.  Sure I can still do some, but it’s not like when they were tiny and exploring and it was all fresh.  We learn how Kelly came to be a wife and mother, and how she fails at times, as we all do.  
While this book didn’t leave me with as much urge to share and pass it on as her first book did, just fingering through the pages again now, I feel warm and happy and sensitive.   
I rated this book a 3 out of 5 stars, I enjoyed it and would recommend it for a quick read.  I’ve got a copy to loan if anyone is interested.  This one I would like back, but I’m willing to share. 

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