Summertime, and the living is easy…………

July 14, 2010 Uncategorized 6

All is fine in my little world.  I’m enjoying some relaxed pace, mixed in with the crazy stuff of softball.  Last weekend was Jacksonville FL, this weekend, Ft. Lauderdale. 
Nick is busy either at the beach, a pool or skateboarding.  He has quite the nice tan going on.
I’m reading 3 books, well mostly one, trying to finish one I refuse to give up on, and one only when I’m in a book store, it’s only 144 pages and I’m 40% done…lol.  
I’m currently reading a book by Lisa Scottoline  “Look Again”, it’s very intriguing. 
Caitie will be home in a mere 11 days, not that I’m counting or anything.
Tomorrow I am going to meet a blogging friend.  Her family is vacationing at Disney World and so she is giving up a couple of hours to hang with me, I really can’t wait. 
What are you doing? Reading? Waiting for?

6 Responses to “Summertime, and the living is easy…………”

  1. Terra

    Oh what a great summer! I am excited you get to meet a blogging friend! If I ever get to FL. you are on my list to carve out some time for too! Nicks tan made me giggle, Hailey tans very easily, she wears a 50 sunscreen but even though, by the end of the summer she almost looks dirty she is so tan.!

  2. Beth

    We have quite the tans going here…Hope WDW was fun! Some day I hope to do a IRL with you…maybe this spring…half in the works!

  3. Miss Healthypants

    I love the idea of reading a book from beginning to end in the book store! *grin* I usually go to the library rather than the bookstore these days, but for times when the library doesn’t carry a particular book, I think I will use your “technique.” 🙂

    Glad you’re enjoying your summer–so am I! *smiles*

  4. Pam

    Anita! It was so amazingly great to meet you at WDW earlier this week! It was, without a doubt, the highlight of my vacation. I will be posting about it as soon as I can catch my breath (I only just got home about an hour ago). I will also send you the picture of the two of us! And just so the rest of you know, Anita is just as sweet, fun and adorable in person as she is here on her blog. I only wish I lived closer so we could sit and chat in bookstores on a regular basis!

  5. Mnmom

    Wish I could be home this summer, but I’m only working 24 hours a week so it’s not exactly prison.

    Wish I could just pop down there and have a tall cold something with you!

  6. sheila

    Wow, next time I take a trip I’ll let you know, maybe we can meet up! lol. We were so close to you! Of course, next time i’m leaving my kids HOME! lol!

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