Caitie is HOME!!

July 26, 2010 Uncategorized 8

Saturday night was a big deal in our family. My daughter Caitie returned home from her 6 week internship in Texas. If you missed this huge deal read about it here.  It was a great experience for her and I am so very proud of her. Bragging ahead, you’ve been warned.

Caitie impressed everyone with her maturity and obvious work ethic, all this from a not quite 17 year old. She was assigned a project with a team and worked at a water treatment plant undergoing some improvements.  Her last week was in the field and taking samples and learning hands on.  One of the companies founders really took a liking to Caitie and invited her to meetings and seminars and luncheons where she learned even more.   He insisted that while he wasn’t able to attend, that the team celebrate her last day with a lunch out.  He saw her Thursday and gave her a card, he told her it was a token of his appreciation and he had given her $100 bill, he told her to spend it on something fun……what an awesome gesture.  She was invited to return next summer or any summer in college to continue interning. 
Caitie now has an interest in water and waste water management, she learned so much and enjoyed it much more than she thought she would. 

So onto the homecoming!  We met her at the airport, with a couple of friends and somewhere I have pictures of that and a poster they made too, but for now here is Cait with her puppy.
At home we surprised her with a giant cupcake from our favorite bakery, it’s the size of a small cake, in her favorite, red velvet. 

One more person she left behind is her little second cousin, Kendall.  Kendall is 7 and fell in love with Caitie.  On her last night in TX they went to a minor league baseball game, my niece and her niece and nephew, Kellan and Kendall.  Here are the girls eating cotton candy.

My niece Dawn said Kendall cried a little when they dropped Caitie at the airport.  Sweet girl!!
So my girl is home, and the mess she creates has ensued…lol.  My girls missed each other but are back to arguing, and bickering, would life really change, um no not yet…ha ha. 
I know this was good prep for leaving for college next year………it’s a happy and sad thing to see your kids growing up. 

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  1. Pam

    Yeah! Welcome home Caitie! I can’t believe it’s been 6 weeks since she left. That went by awfully fast (at least from here it did). I love that red velvet cupcake/cake. How cute. That bakery does wonderful work. How proud you must be of her and the good impression she made on everyone there. And how wonderful that she was invited back. It’s always nice to have a summer job in your back pocket to fall back on if you need/want to. I’m a little bummed to hear that everything (the mess, the bickering) went right back to normal after her return. I was hoping that maybe that wouldn’t happen here when Katie comes home from college. Wishful thinking, right? Thanks for bursting my bubble! LOL!

    BTW, love the new look. Very clean, neat and tidy.

  2. Ali

    Welcome home, Caitie! So glad to hear how everything turned out and wow what a generous boss, good for her!

  3. Lisa

    I am so excited for Caitie! What a great experience! And yes – this is good practice. It’s nice to get them back. Even if it’s not forever.

  4. Bonnie

    Sounds like she had a great experience. I’m sure you are glad to have her home!

    I love your new blog look…love the colors!

  5. Terra

    What an awesome experience. My brother still works for the company he interned with during college. In fact after his second summer he continued to “intern” from college for his last 2 years and then went full time immediately following graduation. This could be a great thing for her!

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