I’m alive!!

September 8, 2010 school 6

I have been totally remiss in writing.  I could lie and say nothing has been going on…..ha ha, I have three children and rarely is life dull or uneventful. 
School’s going well for my kids.  Believe it or not…..especially you who just began school, but we are in the 5th week.  I have to say this has been such a calm and good year.  No major problems, grades very high, and me happily being more cheerleader than whip cracker!!! 
College visits and applications are happening, and I’ll write about each later this week.
I’m reading a Jennifer Wiener book, “Fly Away Home”, and I’m enjoying it, but honestly this past week, when I sit to read I just fall asleep……..it’s wild, really!!!  I have another good book waiting in the wings.
I am not so patiently awaiting signs of the end of summer, which does not really occur in Florida until late October, but we begin to see some cooling off in September.  I say bring it on………I love cooler temps and less sweating.  So send me your cooler temps oh Northern girls I love!!!

So since school has begun, can you share with me a childhood memory or favorite things you do which are school or first day of school related.

I always remember new clothes shopping and taking that first day of school picture……I know I have them all for my kids.  I’d like to track down my own.  My best childhood school memory was 4th grade with Mrs. Cox as my teacher, she was just so much fun.  She was pretty and she encouraged our creativity and individuality.  I’ve heard she is now retired, but spent many years being a loving and memorable teacher. 

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  1. Terra

    I am hoping to read “her fearful symmetry”and “the good daughters” soon…they are on my radar anyway.

    Glad you are alive!!!

  2. sheila

    I was wondering where the heck you’ve been. lol.

    I remember my first day of Kindergarten. I forgot to put on my underwear, lol. I lived in a country town and the bus picked me up at the neighbors one street over. My mom was running with my underwear in hand and I had to make a quick change, lol.

  3. Ali

    I love taking first day and last day pics of the boys to see how much they’ve changed during the school year–the difference is amazing during some years! Glad to hear school is going smoothly. We are having a difficult time with our 1st grader but we’ve implemented a plan of action this week to ease the transition away from Mommy. Keeping my fingers crossed that it works!

  4. Lisa

    I’m glad to see that all is well. I share your desire for an end to the hottest part of summer.

    What is it about 4th grade teachers? I had Mrs. Kinnett. She was pretty and funny and encouraged us to think beyond our small town.

  5. Pam

    This post reminded me of when I lived in AZ. By now the kids have been in school since mid-August and it doesn’t cool off there until Halloween, either. And like you, I yearned for cooler. But, don’t be looking to us Northern girls. It’s been haotter than blazes here all summer and last week was a scorcher. And this week is super humid. Fall, where are you?

    As for school memories. I remember going clothes shopping with my grandparents and excitingly going through all the new outfits and putting them away. I also remember the time in 5th grade when I wore a fancy party dress and patent leather shoes to school and a boy named Dough made some snide remark to me. It was at that very moment that I decided I really didn’t care what people thought of me. My first A HA moment!

  6. Beth

    Today’s high is drumroll…65! yummmeeeee

    First day of school…well this is the first year I was a big part of Lydia’s first day…I usally make a favorite big breakfast and then I have to skiddadle…I didn’t take pics this year…Lydia didn’t like her hair…

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