School Fundraisers………..The Good Kind

September 14, 2010 Uncategorized 8

Tonight when we eat out at Sonny’s our high school Project Graduation will receive 10% of all donated receipts. 
Now this is my kind of fundraiser…yum, yum!!

Do your schools do these kind of things?  Other than this……….I detest fundraisers. 

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  1. Terra

    our school doesn’t but our swim team did and I think they are GREAT! You can go at your leisure, eat in or take out and the school benefits and you didn’t cook! Doesn’t get better than that!

  2. Pam

    Lucky you! No our school doesn’t do this kind of fundraiser, but I wish it did. I agree. This is the kind of fundraiser that I like. The rest… not so much. At the beginning of every school year I say the same thing when those papers come home nickel and diming us to death. I wish I could just write one big fat check at the beginning of the year and be done with it. Then the school can just send me a directory, pay my kids school dues, a yearbook, club t-shirts, etc and anything left over can be used wherever it’s needed. I hate being nagged endlessly for money. And then the different organizations take months and months to cash those checks! Does this happen at your school, too? It is beyond annoying to try to keep tabs on all the checks that have not cleared my checking account. Ugh!!!

  3. Beth

    We have several of your Sonny type fundraisers. The favorite around here right Chipolte…they donate 50% … but you have to bring in the flyer advertisement and they attach it to the bill…Last night we went…and the place was crazy busy…

    Noodles does one… I think they do 10%. McDonalds does also..10%

    Applebees does a breakfast fundraiser…they do everything but the organization provides the servers and sell tickets..pancakes, eggs, sausage and juice for $5…

    I hate buying the junk and I think now that Lydia is in Junior High I am finally done with those … since 1990! ACk!

  4. Sandy

    Not having kids in school we’re the people who always get hit up to buy cookie dough, magazines, etc. I never say no.

    But this sounds like a much better way to raise money.

  5. Mnmom

    Our middle school does passive fundraising only = trash for cash, milk gallon tops, etc.

    Our elem school did a walk-a-thon and raised more $ than any stupid product sale ever did.

    LORD I hate fundraising!!! How about schools getting adequate funds and the military having a bake sale?

  6. sheila

    We did one of these once with a local pizza place and MAN did they rip us off on the totals!

    I used to be in charge of fundraising for my kids school. SO NOT FUN.

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