Exciting times at Our House

October 4, 2010 Uncategorized 7

We have really big news!!!

Adrienne has been offered and accepted a scholarship to play softball at Seminole State College in Lake Mary FL(Orlando area).  This is a former CC that now offers limited BA/BS degrees, and has a 2 year sports program.  Adrienne has visited and talked to several colleges and coaches, and yet when she visited SSC and met more with Coach Courtney she was sold. The coach assures us her goal is to find Adrienne a place to play and finish her education her last 2 years of school.  SSC also has an AS degree in Sports Management so she can get started on her degree program early.   Yes there were schools in Alabama and SC that would have been wonderful, but offers fell through and some we are still waiting for, and we fear they will not be enough.  I hate to admit money is a factor, but it really is.  This offer is very generous and leaves little for us to pay for.  Adrienne is excited and can’t wait play ball for SSC.

Caitie received her acceptance to University of North Florida yesterday!  It was a great day of Open House at UNF.  Kevin enjoyed the campus and agrees it is a good fit for Caitie.  We toured campus with him again, and the dorms.  We met the advisers in the College of Engineering, she liked the person who will be working with her.  When her appointment time approached at 1:20 she was nervous and yet hopeful that she would be accepted.  The admissions counselor was very nice and she presented Caitie with her letter and a certificate and we talked about our next steps……really exciting stuff.  We then went back to the University Book Store and dropped a bundle….the first of many I am sure! 

It’s amazing that on October 3 we have two daughters with not just a plan but acceptance at colleges for next year. 

Now on to more things, like ordering graduation announcements next week can you believe it?

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  1. Terra

    oh man, seriously what a bittersweet occasion. I am so glad plans are in place though it will make the remainder of the year so much less stressful! YAHOO GIRLS!!!

  2. Pam

    Congrats to Adrienne and Caitie (and you and Kevin, as well)! What a relief to have this all settled so early in senior year. Now the girls can sit back and relax and enjoy being seniors. And you can sit back and relish every single minute of this final year of their HS careers. *sniff* It’s a bittersweet year full of excitement and lots of “lasts”, too. Enjoy it for the special year that it is!

  3. Bonnie

    Congrats to the girls. What an exciting time in their lives. I’m sure this year will be a whirlwind for everyone! How are you doing Mom?

  4. Anita

    Congratulations! You’ve done a great job raising your children. Best wishes to them and the rest of your family.

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