A Quiet Thankful Thanksgiving

November 26, 2010 holidays 4

Today was a peaceful day of just the five of us.  We slept in and watched the parade and cooked all day.
I am thankful for my family, Kevin and our children.  Each day they are good to me, and to each other.  Our kids are good in school and give us very few headaches.  I am thankful my parents are still a part of my life, they are older, but still very wonderful and share so much with us.  
I admit that holidays are harder with no extended family near, but I also accept what my life is.  I accept that my family is far away and that we are not close to Kevin’s siblings.  Something was lost in his family when his mom passed away 9 years ago.  There are no attempts to spend holidays together, and I admit I haven’t spearheaded any change either.
Sooooo………we cooked, we made Monkey Bread for breakfast, and artichoke dip for snacking.  We made a pecan pie, and sweet potatoes with pecans on top, and dressing, and green beans, and a turkey, and rolls.  We feasted at 5, and in a flash the meal was done, and there was more cleaning up to be done.  The food was all very good, and everyone helped in chopping, simmering, stirring. 
We watched the Cowboy football game, sad sad sad, and we have not done much at all. 
Tomorrow being Black Friday many will be getting into bed early……….is that you?  Not I, I will be sleeping in and perhaps doing some cleaning around the house, I might go out for some shopping later, I’ve purchased some Christmas gifts, but I have a few things more to get for each of our kids. 
We are considering decorating for Christmas this weekend……………it should be fun to do that.

Fall Into Reading Update:  I’m sadly not moving quickly.  The Kindle is great, but I have been so busy with other things.  I hope to finish my friends’ manuscript within the week and then read a few seasonal choices in December.
Stay tuned, I plan to blog more!!!

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  1. Lisa

    I’m glad you’re family had a nice Thanksgiving and that you had a chance to relax and sleep in. Sorry about that headache though. No fun.

  2. Pam

    I love quiet holidays. I think that’s why I like Thanksgiving more than Christmas. It’s just quieter.

    Glad you had a great day!

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