Great Trip

December 15, 2010 Uncategorized 2

Let me start by saying, thank you so much for all the support as I headed out to Texas!!!  I have to let you know that the trip was very fun.  It was so fast, really just 3 nights and only 2 full days so there wasn’t much time for trouble.  My parents were gracious and only once did my dad become confused and got a little angry with me when he thought I may have changed something on his computer.  Nick was well behaved.  My brother, well I didn’t even see him, but we did text and he sent me pictures of how much fun Nick was having at the game.  Chuck gave him several little things he gets from the games, and he also bought him a new Jersey, which he loved!!!  
I had the BEST time with my sister celebrating my niece Dawn’s birthday.  We went with friends and her dad and his third(yep) wife.  A good steak dinner and out to do some dancing and listening to good country music, how I wish I still had the cowboy books I bought 30 years ago!!!  
I was happy to be home, but all in all it was a great visit. 

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