The Winter Break Begins

December 17, 2010 Uncategorized 3

Today marks the last day of school until January 4, 2011, gee how long will I get that year wrong on checks…ha ha. 
My three children are so excited to be out of school.  This week has been mid-terms for Nick and finals for Caitie and Adrienne, happily I can say they have all had a great semester academically, and have earned some much needed time off!
For me the break means sleeping in, feeding them more, and saying yes or no to the multiple requests for social activities.  I’m happy I can say yes to most requests!  What the heck, run around like crazy teens for 2 weeks and have a blast, I remember how much fun that was too.

Oh the holiday forefront I have done less decorating this year than in any I can remember.  The tree is up, the front lawn and exterior is festive.  I have not put out every little thing, and you know what………I may not!!
I have gifts to wrap, oh so many of them.  I  have baking to do, oh so much. 
I have reading to do….I annually read a few Christmas themed books.

What about you…………… goes the Holiday season?

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  1. Pam

    Wow! Your kids are so lucky to have so much time off. I remember living in AZ and having a similar schedule. Madeleine doesn’t get out until next Thursday! And she has to be back on January 3rd. Hardly enough time to catch her breath, let alone be a carefree teen. Katie, on the other hand, comes home from college tomorrow evening and will be home until January 22nd. She be nothing but a carefree teen! Lucky girl!

    As for holiday prep… We are pretty much done. We will put the ornaments on the tree tomorrow night with Katie and then we will sit back and wait for the festivities to begin on Christmas Eve.

  2. Bonnie

    Oh Anita, I love that picture with all the snow and the lit up tree. Made me feel all “Christmasy”.

    We are having a different Christmas this year. We are living with my Father in law and all of our Christmas stuff is buried in storage. It’s a much simpler Christmas for us but I know next year will be exciting when we can go through all our Christmas goodies again!

    Have fun with the kids and good luck getting everything done.. don’t stress too much,try to enjoy the moment.

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