The” Do You?” List of Christmas.

December 20, 2010 Uncategorized 2

I really enjoy most holidays, and I have decorations for most too, I have outdoor flags and little do dads for the house, for Valentines Day, Easter, 4th of July, etc………….but none compare to Christmas.
This year we got a sluggish start, and you know what, I’ve adapted the less is more concept and yet our home still feels warm and welcoming, I love our big take it out of the box tree, though  I miss the smell of pine, but not the needles. 
I always like the differences and traditions that each family has, I’ve picked up a few over the years, some have stuck, others have not, but I love the differences each family has.
Do you send out Christmas cards?  I do.  In nearly 30 years of living independently, not with my parents or in college, I’ve only missed a few year, likely a few when I was single, and once a few years ago when I was just overwhelmed.  Now I don’t get overwhelmed, I want to do them, I want to receive them and I plan it out.  I love ones with pictures, and I love ones with letters or at least a note, but I enjoy them all.  A few years ago a a friend or website mentioned a good use for your Christmas cards received is to take out one each week or so, and pray for that family.  There are also groups that collect the fronts of traditional cards to re-use for projects.

Do you bake?  I do, in some years I’ve baked for sharing gifts, but mostly now I bake for us and share with a few friends.  I make a few cookies I only make once a year.

Do you decorate outside?  We do and we don’t.  Lights don’t go up on the  house every year, it’s a time thing.  We do have 3 inflatables and some candy canes that are out this year.
Do you have a real tree?  Chop yours down?  As I said, big 9 ft tree in box, and I only wish we had places to chop your own tree in Florida, it is a picturesque tradition I can’t really imagine, but I think I’d like it.
Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?  Our kids get new PJ’s on Christmas eve, something we started several years ago.  Everything else is Christmas morning, when the kids wake.  We open one at a time, kids handing out gifts.
Do you do stockings?  We do, and I never had one as a kid………but when we married we bought stockings and they always  have small things in it. 
Most of my adult life I worked in retail or banking and I was always working right up until Christmas day, in retail it’s a fact of life.  I liked retail until I had kids, and missed seeing more of them.   Now I am just plain lucky to be an at home mom, and have this extra time.  Kevin is working away, he has 2 three day weekends, but hey somebody has to manage the Credit Union finances.  In our years of marriage, he’s only take vacation two or three times at Christmas. 
Want to share some traditions your family has?  I’d love to hear them.

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  1. Terra

    It is a live tree for me, lots of baking – my favs are fudge and sugar cookies…Christmas Cards…I have always done them, I love them, this year I did not. Bummer. 1 present each on Christmas eve, usually from grams. Hmmm, did I cover all the questions? If not, shucks.

  2. Mnmom

    Cards? Most years.
    Baking? Oh YEAH!!!
    Decorate outside? Yep, green and red lights on the trees, covered with snow.
    Real tree? Minnesota is covered with cut-your-own farms and it’s part of the support-local-farmers effort.
    Gifts? Christmas morning followed by our tradition of waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.
    Stockings? BIG ones which we fill with all manner of strange little things. My girls say their stockings are their favorite part.

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