Merry Christmas Wishes!!

December 25, 2010 Uncategorized 7

Merry Christmas dear friends and fellow bloggers.  I am so lucky to have found this medium to write and share and to meet so many new friends. 
As I type this it is nearly midnight and my children have all gone to bed.  I’ve set out the makings of breakfast monkey bread, and the coffee is made. Santa just has to fill up the stockings and then we can head to bed.
I’d like to share two former Christmas pictures with you.  This first one from 2000

Nick was almost 3 and the girls were 7, notice Caitie’s missing teeth. 
This next one is 2001

Nick was almost 4 and it was our worst photo session ever, lasting over 2 hours and with Nick mostly misbehaving, I thought I was going to have pictures with just two kids….eeek!!  Love these pajamas, they were so great!!  This was our first Christmas without Kevin’s mom, and we missed her so. 

I just wanted to share some of past.  Tomorrow will be filled with opening gifts, and eating,and hopefully feeling loved and filled with the blessings of having Jesus being born.  We went to Mass tonight, and I try to keep the real meaning foremost in our lives, and I admit it’s hard, because we get caught up in everything else. 

Merry Christmas again, from our family to you and yours!!!

7 Responses to “Merry Christmas Wishes!!”

  1. Terra

    Merry Christmas Anita and family! I love your photos! I had a moment of sentiment because 2000 is when Lauren was born, my family was just starting and yours looked so well put together!

    Hope you all had a very wonderful Holiday!

  2. Mnmom

    Doesn’t the time just fly?! Seems like yesterday our kids were all little. Did you see my cousin and her girls in THEIR pjs on my blog? Looks rather familiar.

  3. Lauren

    Cute pictures! They look so grown after seeing them so little, lol. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. 🙂

  4. Bonnie

    What a beautiful picture perfect family Anita. We have so much to be thankful for don’t we? I just love all of these pictures.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

  5. Pam

    I’m so far behind in reading all my favorite blogs! Love the Christmas photos. How fun to look back and compare. Love the pjs. Too cute.

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