What I learned this week

January 31, 2011 Uncategorized 5

I’m guessing I should try to write this weekly feature on Friday or Saturday.  Be patient, I’ll get better.  My friend Terra shares this, and I want to join in too. 

I learned that all my children will keep growing up…………and I’m not crying, I’m smiling and feeling proud. 

Nick is now a teenager, 13, and I do not feel sad at this coming of age continuance.  I enjoy growing independence, and maturity.  I know this is shocking but I am looking forward to an empty nest.

I learned that my daughter is tougher than she looks.  She was sad when she played and lost her last HS soccer game, but she is moving on.  I could not be more delighted with her ability to adjust and grow. 

I learned that looking at our financial bottom line I need to consider some part time work.  It isn’t surprising that college is expensive, I think I’ve been trying to bury my head in the sand about how tight our budget will be.  A little extra money could be very nice. 

Join in on Terra’s blog if you would like……….I hope I keep learning and listening each week. 

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  1. Pam

    Good for you for not feeling sad about your kids growing up. It’s nice to be able to enjoy each stage rather than pining for the past. And I can understand looking forward to the empty nest. I’m torn about that. Somedays I can’t wait and others it makes me wistful.

  2. Beth

    I am not sure how to feel about an empty nest.. I don’t know what my life will be.. I don’t want to be left in the dust! My tears are more for their successes not for growing up!

    So what type of job are you going to look for?

  3. Terra

    the bottom line, ugh…I am hearing this statement from a lot of people I know…budgets are tight!!!

    Aren’t you proud of how strong she is! That is tough pill to swallow…

    A teenage boy…new adventures are coming for sure!

    and on the meme – thanks for joining! I often write mine mid week when the mood strikes me – then just post them on Friday (well Thursday night)

  4. Bonnie

    Hi Anita,

    I enjoyed hearing what you learned this week, although I know these are some of the things we learn as we go along. My son Connor is turning 13 today! I’m not sad either. Thought I may be but I’m not. I know Nick is your baby but sounds like you have a healthy attitude toward him growing up!

    Thanks for sharing and sorry I’m a little late!

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