What Does Valentine’s Day Mean to You?

February 14, 2011 Uncategorized 9

Though some say this is a Hallmark created holiday, in truth it is much older than the greeting card company that has been around for a while.  It can be traced back to 270 A.D. though there are legends and myths that make it impossible to date the exact origins of a St. Valentine. 
I want to talk about what it means to me.
First it takes me back to my childhood, where we decorated shoe boxes and carefully picked out little cards and gave them to each of our classmates.  Mine often looked like this.

I remember choosing each one so carefully, so my current crush would really get the message.  My favorite box was the one my mom helped me make out of a boot box.  We wrapped it in white shiny paper and then cut out red felt hearts, trimmed in white lace she gathered and sewed on.  It was quite a box!!!  This was prior to handing out much candy between classmates, maybe a lollipop or two.  We had class parties for all these occasions.  Now it seems we don’t want to offend anyone.  So sad.
I also remember many single years in my 20’s when it seemed the man of the minute would dump me prior to the big gift giving events of Christmas, my birthday and V.D. (the day not the disease).  It was a day to stay in, eat some chocolate alone, and stay away from those silly romantic images, in music, movies, books. 
Now I have my own traditions and ways of making Valentine’s day fun.  We are past the buying cards stage, but still my kids wish friends a happy day and they make treats for others.  I always buy them little gifts, and I love finding small things they want, wrapping them up and getting the hugs I love.  I always include chocolate!
Kevin buys me jewelry, and I make it easy and low cost for him with the charm bracelet I wear.  Somehow he must be hinting something, as I saw no chocolate from him today…hmmmmmm…ha ha. 
So this is not just a made up day……………..it’s real, as real as the love of all types that it celebrates. 
I’d like to know, how do you celebrate this day?

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  1. Ali

    What wonderful memories! I miss cards like that–now it’s 3-D action cards with no envelopes:( We got the kids a balloon, a book and box of moonpies. They’re easy to please and so am I–a trip out to eat always makes me happy!

  2. Ali

    P.S. I didn’t mean the memories of your 20’s were wonderful, I meant the ones that involved making vday boxes. Speaking of bad vday memories, when I was in my 20’s I bought balloons for my boyfriend and he gave the one that said “I love you” on it to another girl. So glad I didn’t end up with that cheap SOB:)

  3. Beth

    Well first off…it is the day of my first date with hubby! So it holds an extra special feeling. Over the years it has become less momentous…this year he is working late! @@… but I know I get chocolate…I make him a big heart shaped peanut butter cookie…but we are out of peanut butter so he will have to wait for that!

    It is Lydia’s half birthday so I usually get her something…this year I spend too much from the school store…sweat pants and t-shirt! The booger!

    I also made and decorated cookies last night! Tonight we are having heart shaped pizza!

  4. Pam

    I remember those sweet Valentine’s Day cards, decorated shoe boxes and class parties, too. So much has changed. Have you seen the selection of boxed Valentine’s recently? They’ve changed A LOT! Valentine’s Day is a low key holiday in our house. We always start the day with a Valentine, some candy and a small gift for the girls. I always buy Geoff a card and his favorite chocolate covered cherries. And he always makes me a card and gives me either some luxurious dark chocolate or flowers. This year it was flowers! Gorgeous red roses. Love it!

  5. Mnmom

    Classroom parties were so fun when we were little! Now our schools wont let anyone bring anything homemade. I understand completely but what’s Valentine’s Day without sugar cookies and frosting???

    We don’t really celebrate at our house. John gets the girls chocolates. We don’t exchange anything because I didn’t want to be pressured by retailers to buy something. Friday we went out to dinner and movie – that’s enough!

  6. Terra

    We do very little with this holiday and our schools require cards to be not written “to” only “from” so some of the magic is lost!

  7. Miss Healthypants

    I have to admit that Iwanski and I are not big on Valentine’s Day. But I definitely remember the V-Day’s of my youth, when my classmates handed out those little paper cards…it was always so fun to come home and read them and try to interpret the messages sometimes! *smiles*

  8. Bonnie

    I know I’m behind but am enjoying catching up.

    I would love to see one of your boxes! Can’t believe your mom actually sewed on felt hearts!

    Mark used to always buy me roses but as we got more practical we started mainly exchanging cards. I uses to buy the kids little things but haven’t lately. I love that you still buy your kids Valentines gifts. I may need to start doing that again!

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