52 Weeks, 52 Letters…Progress

February 21, 2011 letters 6

I started this the first week of January, prompted by Kate at The Non-Consumer Advocate.  I am so happy I happened upon her blog, I am not a frugal person in my waste or non-purchasing habits, but Kate has great ideas and I admire her efforts.  I am enjoying the letters so very much. 
I thought I’d do a little recap of who I’ve written and the results.
Week 1- I wrote to an online friend, we are on a group message board together, she’s been going through a lot with her teen son, school, etc and she appreciated the support.
Week 2- I wrote to Jane, my SIL’s sister, she is a dear friend, she was in my wedding and she now lives across the state and we rarely keep in touch.  She wrote me back, thanking me and it was exciting to receive mail myself.
Week 3- I sent a postcard to Susan in AR, they were suffering through much snow, so I sent a FL postcard, cruel…maybe, she hasn’t mentioned it.
Week 4-5-6, I kind of got behind and had a letter writing day.  I wrote to my SIL in Atlanta, my friend Cathy in UT who first face booked about the project, and my blogging friend Pam in RI. 
BTW, I’ve been using long dormant stationary that I’ve had for years…..and postcards I had.  Kate would be proud of me, but then this week, I bought new note cards, I was feeling down, and I bought something…tsk tsk.
Week 7- I used the new note cards and wrote to Denise,  blogging friend who lives in CO. 
I also received a letter from another blogger, Anita, as she commented on my first post and is also enjoying sitting down and writing a weekly letter. 
I’m not sure who I’ll surprise this week, but I hope it’s a welcome treat to friendly recipient. 
Oh and I thought of Pam this week, as my kids noticed me writing a few times and my girls both asked if I would write to them when they are in college…isn’t that sweet?  I assured them I would be more than happy to include them in my letters. 
Any letters of your own to share?

6 Responses to “52 Weeks, 52 Letters…Progress”

  1. Pam

    Anita, I love this project. I used to write and receive lots of letters in pre-email days. I did receive your letter! Thank you. I will be writing back this week. I think it’s sweet that your girls want to be included in your letter writing campaign. I remember getting letters from my mom when I was in college and how much they meant to me. I have been writing one letter a week to Katie since she left for college in August. She does thank me for them every now and then, but I don’t think she has realized that I’m sending them weekly. She doesn’t check her mailbox all that often and only got her “good luck on finals” letter after she returned to school from Christmas break! Oh well. I was warned at parent’s orientation that the kids really like getting packages more than letters. I send her those too, only not as often. I’m hoping some day she will appreciate my letters the way I appreciate the ones my mom sent.

  2. Cyndel

    Hello! I had to stop by your blog and I love it! I can verify what Pam above said about liking to receive letters while I was in college. It was so exciting to have a letter waiting in my mailbox!

    I actually forgot to write a letter last week, so I will be writing two this week. I think as long as I get out 52 letters total, I’ll be okay!

    Do you like living in Florida? My dream is to move there within the next few years. I’d love some nice weather right now.

  3. Anita

    Gotta get my letter out this week! It’s challenging, but if I can stick with it, a very good habit will be formed.

  4. Bonnie

    I was truly planning to do this with you and just never got started. Reading this made me think of all the people I could surprise with a little note here and there.

    I love that you are doing this.I know the people who receive your letters are enjoying them.. all except maybe the one you sent the FL postcard to. That’s just naughty 🙂

  5. Sandy

    Not so much letter writing here, although I am going to check out that blog. I have been trying to remember to send my mother cards more regularly. And I’m bringing her flowers more often, just a $7 bouquet from the market but she loves it. When I lamented the fact that I forget to get cards out, Margaret suggested buying a bunch, addressing and stamping them and dropping them in the mail when I think of it. I thought ‘what a great idea!’ Today I am going to the off-price store and buy a bunch of inexpensive cards and do just that! BTW that’s great that your girls are asking for letters. At 55 I still can’t wait until the mail arrives. I don’t know why. All I ever get is bills!

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