What I Learned this Week

March 4, 2011 Uncategorized 5

I learned that my son had a growth spurt this winter, his first real one, and he can’t wear any of the shorts I bought him last Spring and Winter, he has 3 pair of nicer/plaid/ woven type shorts he can still wear, and at least 5 good pair he can’t…..time to go shopping, and he really likes that!

I learned that you should never think things are just fine the way they are………..because an offer of some sort will come along and surprise you.  I don’t want to say much, but Adrienne was approached by an NCAA Div II school in Texas to play there.  It looks like we may be going to visit during Spring Break.  She can get out of her signing as long as she moves up a division.  This is hugely flattering, but there are a million unanswered questions……all will be resolved…..so who knows.

I learned that I can manage on much less facebook time.  I’m sort of weaning myself….not a stopping cold turkey method…ha ha.  I joked with Sandy that I might need a 12 step program, and she offered to be my sponsor.  What are friends for!? 

It’s a lovely Friday for me….and I can’t wait to enjoy the weekend………..wishing the same for you!!

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  1. Terra

    I have never had to give up FB because I never got addicted….but I would still be a supporter if you need an extra one!

    YAHOO for Adrienne…except the unknown is always tough…

    and both Lauren and Hailey grew like trees this year…must be something in the water!!

  2. Ali

    I will be rooting for whichever school Adrienne will play for–good luck on that front!

    My boys have grown so much over the school year that they are down to one pair of jeans that fit. I’m wishing for warmer temps so I can put them in shorts already!

  3. Beth

    Good News for Adrienne… is this something she is open to?

    Lydia has has 2 growth spurts…well three including her mouth! She is officially taller than me…

    FB is so stupid and stupidly addicting…sorry no help from me!

  4. Pam

    There’s always lots of change when growing kids are around. Good luck with getting the answers you need in TX. And good for you for making progress on giving up FB. It’s hard to limit computer time. Keep up the good work.

  5. Bonnie

    Good luck with your weaning! What are you going to do with all of that extra time?

    I know what you mean about kids growing. Connor also needs new clothes!

    Congrats to Adrienne! It will be exciting to hear what happens.

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