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Are you Thrifty?  Do you look for opportunities to save money?

Do you clip coupons?
My answer to all of these would have been, not very much.  Ok ok, I clip coupons, and if it’s something we use I will use a coupon.  I’ve been to garage sales and thrift stores, sometimes they freak me out with the crap people give away and they re-sell, but I’ve been trying to see it in a different light. 
Last Sunday I went to a class to learn about couponing and saving more money.  It was very interesting, and I learned a lot.  It will take a while to kind of build up coupons, to follow along with the sales at the grocery, and maybe using Target, Walgreens and CVS as a source for deals.  I look for sales, store coupons, manufacturers coupons etc. This week was fun, I found some good deals, and I organized the coupons I already had, but I can see I’ll have to do more….now it’s kind of a challenge.
For fun Kevin and I went to 3 Thrift stores today, I bought one item….a 75 cent book!!!  We were kind of looking for things Adrienne might use in her college apartment.  We shall see, she will have four roomates and over the summer they can compare what each might have, furniture, kitchen goods etc. 
Do think we will suddenly start being frugal about all things and quit buying new……..heck no!  I do think we can save some money on our food and personal needs and cleaning and paper products. 
I’ll keep you posted!!

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  1. Lisa

    Call me so we can chat about this. I’ve been doing this since the end of January. It can be time consuming, but rewarding.

    southernsavers dot com is great if you shop at Publix or Kroger.

    I’m finally getting the hang of using the CVS and Riteaid programs. We don’t have a Walgreens, but their program sounds great, too.

    Have fun saving money – it is possible.

    P.S. The class I attended recommended keeping your coupon inserts intact in something like an accordian file and clipping as you need them. Saves time, less waste.

  2. Bonnie

    I’m like you Anita, I will occasionally clip a coupon if it’s something we use but I know I could probably save a lot more if I were dedicated to it.

    Our mutual friend Terra at Sittingonanoak is really good at this. Once in a while she will call me to share some great deal or she has even given me things that she has stockpiled.

    I have another friend who loves going to thrift stores. She finds all kinds of cool art supplies.

    We have a goodwill store close to our house and I stopped in the other day and found a nice dress shirt for work that looked brand new for $3.49!

  3. Pam

    I do clip coupons and have for years, but I don’t go whole hog. I don’t match my coupons to store sales and drive to different stores to maximize savings. For me, time is money too. But, I can see how this could be a challenge that could turn into a fun hobby. I’m looking forward to following your progress.

    What book did you get for 75 cents? That’s quite a bargain.

  4. Mnmom

    I LOVE a bargain! We used to go dumpter diving in college and found the coolest stuff. I use coupons but find that most of them are for overprocessed foods that we could never buy.

    And I’m a BIG Craigslist and Freecycle user. We’ve gotten our last 2 TV’s for FREE from freecycle. I like the idea of keeping things out of the landfill.

  5. linda

    I’m not a coupon clipper at all but have started visiting thrift shops. I am the first to admit that I was a “thrift store snob” until I started blogging. Now I’m pretty much addicted and even plan on opening up an upscale thrift store with my son in the near future. We are gathering merchandise and looking for a location now.

  6. Beth

    I heard a good time to go Dumpster Diving is when kids are packing up to go home from college…they dump instead of packing… I think I told you that we got almost all of Laura’s kitchen stuff at Goodwill… fry pan (egg size) toaster and brandnew silverware … new with tags… Have fun!

  7. Terra

    you have to find the right balance! I clip, I store match sales etc…but I refuse to spend more than about an hour a week on this….(except the actual shopping of course) – I save a TON of money stockpiling the necessities –

    I am a brand snob so I could never truly be a “coupon” but I do get the benefits and reap them too! For instance when my brand of Laundry soap is on sale at it’s cheapest I buy enough to keep my stockpile at 12 – this costs me no more than $50 (It’s 50 if I need 12) instead of regular price detergent that would cost me $12 per month or $144 per year…

    SO….What I do is set aside a certain side of the grocery budget each month to “build” with…to stock up on those essentials that don’t go bad in a year and I save a ton of money!!!

    So, Now I have rambled, not made much sense and just want to say if you have any questions call me!

  8. Sandy

    I have always clipped coupons but I don’t always get to use them before they expire. I have never tried a used clothing store, creeps me out, too. But I think looking through thrift stores and yard sales for stuff for college sounds like a great idea.

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