B is for Bargains

April 7, 2011 Uncategorized 5

Bargains, because that is my M O these days.  About every 10 days or so I have to fill up my car with gas, and it’s killing me, I mean really the increase in gasoline cuts into my spending money, and lord knows I hate to spend our money on a necessity that benefits foreign oil countries and bit oil companies.  How to battle that….bargains, and looking for them.
As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, I’m loving couponing for better deals at the grocery.  It’s not perfect yet, but I am improving. 
I needed new rugs for my bathroom and I’ve been searching for just what I wanted at the right price….voila, finally I hit pay dirt at HomeGoods(love that store) and I also got a new shower curtain and a cotton blanket too.  All at a really reasonable price and they look great!!  I proudly held out until I found what I wanted, and at a price I liked.
Caitie’s prom dress was even $30 under the budget I set for her, and the alterations were less because instead of hemming the dress the seamstress suggested some tacks in the ruching on the dress, saved us $25  YAY!!
So while I do not plan to come a non-consumer, and am looking for ways to save, for bargains, and ways to use less paper.  We can’t give up toilet paper, but do you ever think of how many papertowels you use?  We use too many paper plates too.  I’m guessing it would be better to use plates and wash them.
I’ve been using old wash clothes with a cleaner to clean my bathroom and in the kitchen, easy to just toss in the laundry.,
So is these weird economic times, where do you find bargains?

UPDATE:  I spent $115, and I SAVED $83, those saving reflect coupons($24) and buy one get one free deals, sale items etc.   I was so very pleased with my efforts, and we have tons of food to eat…good stuff too!!

5 Responses to “B is for Bargains”

  1. Beth

    Looking for bargains can be fun! But also so time consuming. I need to start couponing more…like had said before I usually do it in the summer…then in the fall I get side tracked!

  2. Terra

    I hear you! I did great with coupons this week…saved 90% on grocery and household items…then I went to gymboree armed with gymbucks and hit the sale racks and saved 60% there on items for the Easter Baskets and necessities like undies and stuff for Hailey! Like I said before I can’t make couponing a way of life…it takes too much time – but if I spend an hour a week I can save a ton of money! This week I think I saved over $250 and all on stuff we actually needed in the house right now! Love it!

  3. Bonnie

    You and Terra really inspire to be a better bargain shopper!
    Good for you Anita, must feel really satisfying to find new ways to save.

  4. Pam

    Way to go! I’ve always used coupons at the grocery store, but extreme couponing is more than I can handle. I do, however, love a bargain.

  5. Sandy

    Yeah, no kidding, these gas prices are putting a crimp in my budget as well. Saving any money in this economy is so sweet. Sounds like you had some good luck! But you gotta love HomeGoods. My favorite store.

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