Late to the party but………….A is for……………………

April 7, 2011 a-z 4

I’m taking the lead from my friend Beth at Walk a Mile and playing a new blog game….A to Z challenge.  You can click on the link and check it out.  Mine will be a modified version, since today is already April 6.

A is for Airplane…………………like the one I flew in last week!!

What a fantastic trip Adrienne and I had in Kingsville TX at their campus of TX A&M, or TAMUK, as it’s known.  Long flights and changing planes, but eventually we were there and we really enjoyed our visit to the school.
What a lovely smallish campus they have, small compared to so many mega universities that seem to be in Florida.  The softball coach showed us a very good time.  We ate at local restaurants, and you can see and feel the support and pride for the school in each of them.  Great Mexican breakfast with real fresh tortillas.  The asst coach showed us dorms, dining halls, class rooms, we met a professor that would be Adrienne’s adviser.  We met the softball team and watched them practice, we attended a baseball game.  We saw the new student fitness facility,so nice.   We met athletic trainers, other coaches and in the end they made a very nice offer for Adrienne to attend TAMUK next year.  Their offer covers about 66% of her costs, but with out of state tuition it still leaves a big chunk for us. 
We came home with unanswered question, unsure of which path was best.  We asked Adrienne to make a list of pros and cons of each school. 
Last Saturday we went to a Seminole State home softball game, and it seemed to clear up her choices.
Sunday afternoon she told us she is going to stay in state, she feels the team is more cohesive, she thinks she can learn more from the coach here in FL, and she knows there will be the right school for her last two years to play and attend college. 
I am so very proud of her….I mean really, she did this on her own.  When she called the TX coach she understood, but said she plans to keep an eye on her and perhaps they will still work together one day. 
So I guess A is for Adrienne, and Airplanes!

4 Responses to “Late to the party but………….A is for……………………”

  1. Terra

    A is for Awesome parents and Awesome kids. A is for Amazing decisions and happily ever Afters – A is for Anita, a mom who Always knew her daughter would make the most Appropriate decision for herself and A is for Answers…for with Answers comes clarity and clarity comes with Advantages…

    Time to start getting ready ladies! A wonderful couple of years lie Ahead and I can’t wait to hear all about them!

  2. Beth

    Great decision for Adrienne! Beter that she was able to do it on her own! College life is a whirlwind…if you think HS went fast try the college scene!

  3. Bonnie

    Doesn’t it feel good when our kids make good decisions all on their own. Kudos to you Anita for giving her the opportunity to explore her options.

    Im glad you were able to spend some quality time with her on the trip.

    Congratulations Adrienne!

  4. Pam

    Congratulations to Adrienne for making such an adult decision all on her own. Just one more reason to be proud of her.

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