F is for FCAT

April 12, 2011 Uncategorized 6

FCAT  is Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.  These are the annual spring ritual tests that strike fear and terror into children in grades 3-10, and possibly longer if you don’t pass.  Yes our great state formerly governed by Jeb Bush when his older brother was the governor of Texas decided to link grade promotion, graduation, money and pay to these asinine tests.   ARGH!!!
Oh the supporters will say they do not teach to the test, it is just a way to measure how the students are learning and if the teachers are effective. 
BULL SHIT!!!  Yes I said it!!
The teachers in the lower grades must teach to the test because the testing isn’t simple, questions are all convoluted to measure reading comprehension, something that should not be tricky, but just plain old forthright and simple.
The math has now moved to computers in the high schools, to be trickling down to middle and then grade school technology soon. 
I am thankful my girls passed these tests and were done in 10th grade.  This is Nick’s first year, and he is a good student and a good test taker, but even he was worried because the schools hype it up so much.  Totally a waste of school time……….it boggles the mind.  Nick had 70 minutes to read and complete questions yesterday.  He was done in 30 min, and napped for the remaining time.  You are not permitted a book to read etc, heaven forbid they may think you are cheating……honestly? 
So ok, off my soap box……………So F is for FCAT, and I think it’s pretty………F’d up…….ha ha!!! 
Sorry, if I offended anyone!!

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  1. Terra

    Not the least bit offended! I hate standardized testing! There are so many variables that go into the testers success that really…they could take it 4 times and get 4 different scores – and the schools do teach to the tests in my opinion, and spend time reviewing testing procedures and rules and laws and well, that is time that could be spent teaching, reaching and truly touching these kids. So I will second your F’d up and just say – even though mine are in a private school that they love…in general the education in the US needs some serious wake up calls…

  2. Ali

    My 3rd grader is testing this week, too and they spent a good part of last week working on test examples. So…2 weeks of learning to fill in bubbles? I know there’s more to it but really it’s a little crazy.

  3. Mnmom

    I agree!! I think the long-term plan with these stupid tests is to deem public education a “failure” so the rich can get their vouchers.

  4. Beth

    Oh come on… testing is so much fun! I love it! gag barf! And anyone that thinks we only spend a week before “rehearsing” is absolutely nuts…try 6 months preparing! We are testing right now…and basically all week! Lydia took the reading test today…math is on Thursday…both are given up to 3 hours and they can have all day to take it. I am excited for next week because I can teach some “fun” stuff!

  5. Kat

    No offense taken at all. We have the same thing here, called the TAKS test. And now the geniuses at the State level have decided we need a new test – STAARS (?). Of course, they have decimated the education budget, leaving no money at all for new textbooks or materials to prepare for the test. I’m sick of our teachers being forced to teach to the test. I’d much prefer that they spend instructional time teaching our kids to actually think and not just memorize things so that they can pass some standardized test mandated by a government who can’t even fund education. Ok, off my soapbox (for the moment lol) Kat

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