J is for Journal and K is for Kissing.

April 15, 2011 Uncategorized 2

One thing I did as a young girl/woman was to write in a journal or diary almost daily.  When I was 13 I wrote of which boy I liked and wanted to be my first kiss.  Just so you know it was Keith Rogers, and our first real kiss was on the side of the Junior High one spring Saturday, I was in 7th grade.  He was blonde and cute, but turned into a pot head in high school.  That first kiss was different, not just a peck, but a kiss, the one where you learn how to tilt your head, how to open your mouth, and well you know the rest.
As I moved on to high school I wrote more in my journal, about my hopes and dreams, and my battles with my parents and the boys in my life.  I kept kissing boys, many boys as I recall, a few more than average, I was what we called fast….but in a nice way, I wasn’t the talk of the school or anything.
In college I wrote in my journal about new friends and adventures, of kissing boys, and going to midnight showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I kept in that journal the stories of Fraternity Parties and football games, and nights spent with no dates and no kissing, and making friends with women I thought would never leave my life, but alas I’ve been a lax friend and kept in touch with no one.
I’ve started new journals time and time again over the years, but since leaving college and moving on to working, then marriage and parenthood I’ve never kept it up too well.  I did find an entry I wrote in one when I started dating my husband Kevin….I wasn’t too sure of him then, should have been a sure sign he would be the love of my life.  Prior to him I’d been kissing and falling fast for a few too many men, but with Kevin it moved slow, I liked him first as a friend and the dating came along and then the kissing and the passion….slow and steady does win the race.
Now I think in many ways I journal right here on this blog, it’s been where I’ve kept up for almost 3 years now.   I’ve shared many things, and it’s certainly been more consistent than any of my other adult journals.

What about you…..do you journal?   I hope you kiss, I hope you give and receive them, from your someone special, your children, your family, and all who love you!  Imagine me blowing you a kiss right now!!!  Now that’s something to write home about!!

Oh speaking of….I’m still writing my 52 letters.  I’m writing this week’s today….and hoping to stay caught up!

I just realized after I posted this…………This is post 400, just 3 months shy of 3 years and I hit 400.  whoohoo!!

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  1. Lisa

    Isn’t it nice that blogs have made it somehow easier to keep up going with journals? I’d stopped writing for a long time before I started blogging.

    Oh, kissing. Such a fun activity. And isn’t it wonderful that you and Kevin grew your passion instead of running headfirst into the wall of it.

  2. Terra

    Oh do I ever…in fact I started putting a years worth into digital form..

    and isn’t blogging a form of journaling too?

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