N is for no more softball and no more whiney parents

April 20, 2011 Uncategorized 5

Tonight was the last high softball game for Adrienne, we lost, last game of district play offs.  I admit I’m sad because for the most part she had a wonderful 4 years playing.  There was the sophomore year she wasn’t the starting catcher, losing out to a wicked former coach and a player with much less talent.  Sadly I have not seen one year without some drama, some from the players, and way too much from the parents.  This season was no exception, one parent upset because her daughter is a batter only, not a defensive player on the field.  The parent got upset when a runner was put in after the daughter got on base, a very common practice.  Another parent stormed at the coach when his daughter didn’t get to pitch and another girl did.  My stars it was just so unreal, the behavior from the adults.  Now there are grumblings of moving their players to another HS to play next year.  Seriously!!!?? 
So an end of one era, but thankfully we now move on to College Softball!!

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  1. Ali

    Sports drama–it can be so frustrating! I have my moments myself where I get mad that only the coaches sons get to pitch but I keep it to myself. Or how at our latest game when the other team got to run to second when it should’ve been only a walk to first…grrrr…it’s certainly can be a lesson in patience sometimes!

  2. Mnmom

    Whiney parents are the worst! And every town has them evidently.

    COLLEGE softball! Wow. I’m right behind you my dear.

  3. Pam

    I hope college softball has less drama. Though I’m thinking it might not be too different. yuck!

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