Saturday Wrap

May 7, 2011 Saturday 7

This has been a good week, but busy.
Adrienne had her College Algebra final on Tuesday, and she did very well, she finished her class with a 94 average!!!  She took two classes at the CC and both with move to Seminole State next year, starting with 6 credit hours both A’s is a very good thing!!
Caitie took her AP Calculus exam on Wednesday, and she is happy to have that done.  She is hoping to have passed both AB and BC, but even passing one and taking that credit to UNF puts her just one step ahead.  I wish I knew why it takes until July to receive the grades…I mean really in this day and age?
Nick had an ortho appointment on Wednesday and we may really be at the end of his braces…going back June 6th….it’s been almost 3 years now!!!

This little event is happening in 11 days…yes we are counting down by days now!! 
Today Kevin and I are going shopping.  Beyond the laptops we plan to buy the girls, we are looking for a few small gifts for the girls, things they need for their dorm or apartment, things they want, you get the idea.  We also have to buy a million gifts for their friends….don’t let anyone tell you this time of year is a breeze.  it is a costly, insanely busy time.  The upside is that we are so filled with pride and joy, it takes the edge off a bit!!
Tomorrow is our church’s Baccalaureate Mass.  All the Seniors in our Parish are invited to attend, they dress in caps and gowns, a little bit is said about each one, and it is followed by a breakfast.  Caitie is doing one of the readings.  We are very proud!

I’m reading a beautiful book, the cover alone is enough to draw one in, I mean really don’t you want to read this book?  I’m really enjoying it and I hope to have a review up for  you soon.
Have a glorious Saturday!! 

7 Responses to “Saturday Wrap”

  1. Zibilee

    It does sound like a really expensive and busy time of year, but the kids are doing so well in school, and you must be so proud of them. Take it easy and have a nice weekend!

  2. Sandy

    Congratulations all around. What a great week you’ve had. Have you stopped smiling for a minute? I’m sure yours is a very happy house.

  3. Pam

    11 days! Oh my goodness. This year just flew by. Congrats to both girls on their tests and college credits. Way to go! And yes, the book is gorgeous. And I should know since I received a hard copy from a very dear friend in the mail today! A snail mail thank you letter is on its way since this person has taken on a letter writing challenge this year. But until it gets there, thank you dear Anita and lots of {{hugs}}.

  4. Mnmom

    What an amazing time of life, and a bittersweet time of life. I’ll have to look up those colleges. You’ll have to give me tips about graduating twins.

  5. Bonnie

    What an exciting for you all Anita. I’m very happy for you. I’m wondering though when it’s all said and done if you are going to collapse on the couch for a few days!
    I love the cover of that book.

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