The Week in Review….whew!!

May 21, 2011 graduation 8

Sunday was Baccalaureate, beautiful, peaceful and inspiring.  After we went to a local wing place for dinner with many Seniors and parents. Above are my girls with another set of twins

 Nick standing on a chair with two gorgeous sisters, Hallie and Macy
Trying to leave and playing around!
When we got home it was time for gift #1
New lap tops!!

Monday my parents and sister flew in, and it was so great to have them here. We cooked dinner at home, and the girls got things for their rooms in college as gifts from us.  We like to spread gifts out, more fun!

Tuesday the girls had a half day of school, and then grad practice and a BBQ.  Before school Kevin and I were able to have breakfast with the Sunrise Rotary Club where Caitie was awarded a scholarship.  Great start to the day!!  Sarah is the girl in jeans, and she is also Caitie’s future roommate at UNF.
Tuesday night’s gifts were from their Aunt Ouida, t shirts and personalized laundry bags

We gave Adrienne a new flat iron and Caitie charms for her bracelet.  Right now they share hair appliances.
Wednesday we had a full day, prepping for our party after graduation, getting ready for graduation, Kevin helped set up for Project Graduation.
At 7pm we were in the stands and the Graduates walked in.  I felt choked up but didn’t cry.  I think I just kept focusing on the happiness of the event, all that had let up to this moment, and the very bright future my girls are going to have.  So here are a few shots

picture above courtesy of Florida Today
We came home, hosted a Dessert Buffet for about 40 of our friends and this was the center piece!!

The front of the cake represents their HS, the back their colleges.
Now after all that I collapsed!!
No, really we went out to brunch on Thursday as my family flew home to TX, and we picked up the house and relaxed.  Saturday and Sunday are the big grad party days, so we’ll be very busy!!
Thanks for reading if you made it this far!!! 

8 Responses to “The Week in Review….whew!!”

  1. Zibilee

    It sounds like you had a very full and fun week this time around, and I can imagine that you are so proud! Thanks for sharing these awesome photos with us!

  2. Ali

    I love that picture of the kids throwing streamers into the air! Congrats to your girls!

  3. Bonnie

    I agree the streamer picture is awesome! And that cake?? WOW!!!
    For some reason, all the kids on the field got me choked up. I felt the enormity of the moment. Not sure I spelled that right.

    Congratulations to you, your hubby and your 2 beautiful girls!!!

  4. Mnmom

    Thanks so much for sharing this – I feel like I’ve gotten to know you and your kids so well! Congrats to the twins and best wishes for college. Now I’m a little choked up!

  5. Pam

    Wow! What a week! Graduation here is a much quicker event. I’m so happy for you that your parents and sister were able to attend the graduation and participate in the celebration. Awesome! Love how the cake represented both the girls’ HS and colleges. Great idea! Hope you get a chance to catch your breath soon!

  6. Meg

    A huge congrats to your girls and your family! I remember high school graduation so well. Hope you all enjoy this time in their lives — so special.

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