May 25, 2011 family 7

My parents came to FL for the big graduation.  My dad is now 86, my mom 83, and they’ve slowed down so much.  I am so thankful that my sister was able to fly with them and and be around to help them get around. 

My dad has Parkinson’s Disease, and he moves much slower now.  He has some level of dementia too, and is quiet more than not.  He doesn’t hear well, and has macular degeneration so his central vision is completely gone in one eye, and nearly in the other.  His quality of life has been greatly diminished, but still my dad tries to be involved, to appear that he is hearing all that is going on and he wants to much to be a  part of big family milestones.  I am so proud of him for trying so hard. 
My mom is in better health for the most party, sure she’s slower, sees not so well, and has her own moments where clear decision making seems not so sharp, but she is still the person I grew up with.  It amazes me how she can seem to never forget anything wrong I ever did….please let me forget those things and focus on the accomplishments my children have. 

Then there is my sister, 12 years my senior, but so very close to my heart.  Since I reached adulthood she and I have developed a most dear relationship.  She has the wisdom of being a mother to two now grown children, and she shares that with me.  She has compassion like no one else I know.  She is so good to my parents, I am always amazed by what she is able to give them in time and patience.  I always wish I had more one on one time with her, and we joke about having a secret vacation together.  Below is Ouida, my wonderful sister and Kevin, sorry but I think I caught her mid word….often talking, that is her. 

Once again, it was a great week…………and now it’s good to be back to normal.

7 Responses to “Parents”

  1. Pam

    Oh Anita, I’m so happy that your parents were able to share in this milestone. And how nice that you had some one on one time with Ouida. I hope you get that sister’s vacation soon!

  2. Bonnie

    I’m so glad your parents and sister could be there for such an eventful time in your dauthters lives.
    I love how you write with such honesty. Beautiful.

  3. bermudaonion

    Watching your parents age is so difficult. I hope you get to enjoy many more years with them. Congratulations to your daughters!

  4. Elizabeth

    Such a beautiful family! And wow, I can’t believe they’ve graduated now! They were still young teenagers when I met you and now they’re beautiful adult women.

    I’m so afraid of watching my parents age. They’re in their early 50’s right now and already not doing very well. It breaks my heart.

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