From Teen to Young Adult

June 9, 2011 Parenting 7

     Today the girls arrived safely back home.  Their maturity in handling this little five day get away is admirable.  What more can a parent ask for, responsible, respectful, and they had fun. 
     What steps do we as parents take that lead us to this place, this place where our children are ready and eager to move out?  I’m not sure we could replicate this journey, and the lessons we tried to impart over the last nearly 18 years, but while imperfect, we must have done something right. 
     I’m finishing a book tonight, Exposure by Therese Fowler.  I hope to review in a day or two, but this book is a look into what can go wrong when two teens text naked and suggestive pictures to each other.  All it takes is one parent to believe his child is being exploited and it’s going to get ugly.  This books is amazing!
     How did we avoid conflicts like this?  I have no idea, because honestly bad things do happen to good kids.  We did keep an eye on their friendships and where they went.  Yes honestly one of my girls was very involved with one boy for over 3 years, and I am sure that her relationship would be questionable to many parents, but until you have been there, don’t judge. I think we avoided drunken parties, drugs and pregnancies because we were open, talked about possible scenarios before they were realities and we listened.  Sometimes listening is so much more important than the talking and lectures that a parent can give.
I’m feeling rather thankful tonight, but things are busy here too.  In just 3 days Caitie is flying off to Dallas again to summer intern , second summer at the civil engineering firm my niece Dawn works for.  Adrienne continues to seek out a summer job, and she is doing her very intense summer work out for her college softball team.  She should be in amazing shape by August!!
It’s 10:30pm, time to finish reading and maybe be in bed before 2am…summer schedule is killing me.  Please be thinking of me tomorrow……..the interview at B&N is at 3pm.  I’ll keep you posted!!

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  1. Beth

    I thought many of the same things but challenges do arise.. I have never lectured my daughters…I tried to lead with my heart…but it doesn’t always work the way “you” think it will… I am thankful that they are able to make decisions and deal with what the decisions bring them… I can only hope for the last one to turn out as good or better!

  2. Sandy

    It all sounds very exciting. So many changes for everyone. Good luck today on your interview. If I were looking for a job I’d be looking either at a bookstore or a pharmacy as a tech.

  3. Mnmom

    Like you, I’ve stayed open to all KINDS of conversations. So far we haven’t had and major problems. And I was just thinking what you expressed. Next year my twins will be Seniors. I started worrying about all the things they’ll face at college. Then I thought “I’ve taught them the best I know how, and now it’s time for them to take the steering wheel”.
    Big sigh . . . . . .

  4. bermudaonion

    Kudos to you and your girls! I actually got to attend an event for Therese Fowler and those of us in attendance had a great discussion because of her book. Did you know it was inspired by an incident in Therese’s life? Her son was arrested for sexting.

  5. Zibilee

    It is hard to get the right balance of talking and listening with older teenagers, and I find myself being more and more anxious about what will become of them once they are out on their own. It sounds like you have a great relationship with your girls, and that makes all the difference. I will be crossing my fingers for you during your interview!

  6. Terra

    I think I need to read that book. And congratulations cuz yes bad things do happen to good people and any time it goes right we have to count our blessings…we do have many.

  7. Pam

    Hope your interview went well (I’m guessing I’ll be reading about it in your next post. LOL!) Congrats on Caitie on her second year as an intern in Dallas. And good luck to Adrienne as she searches for those elusive summer jobs. Ugh!

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